Bloom Thyme Friday

This week most of the roses are taking a break and getting ready for another big flush giving many of the perennials and annuals their “time to shine!” And they are going for it…

See what I mean…

The vines of the Morning Glory have been climbing and twirling around for some time, but this morning the first bloom emerged. Worth the wait!

Morning Glory
Morning Glory

This little bird bath is one of my favorite garden ornaments. It has been in my garden for nearly 20 years. Each year I surround it with something pretty. This is one of the best combinations yet–petunias and euphorbia. What do you think?

Little birds and company...
Little birds and company…

The Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas are in full bloom … almost to the point of outgrowing their space. Love them! Do you grow this variety? I would highly recommend!

Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas on the right side...
Pinkie Winkie Hydrangeas on the right side…

Next up are these amazing State Fair  Zinnias–compliments of my garden friend Ron Daniels. Just as Ron said–these Zinnias are blooming machines!

State Fair Zinnias ... THANKS RON!
State Fair Zinnias … THANKS RON!

This Stargazer lily just begs to be mentioned. The Stargazers have had a wonderful and long season this year! And the fragrance … unbelievable!

Stargazer Lily...
Stargazer Lily…

These lovely ladies need no introduction … Say hello to my Black Eyed Susans. They do not know how to be subtle. And, they nestle up to a fence and spill over in the most delightful way ever. And, you know what I think about yellow in the garden—It brings the sunshine in!

Blackeyed Susan making a statement!
Blackeyed Susans making a statement!

Here is the entrance to my herb garden. Love the fragrance of my herbs–love the fence that Mr. G made and especially love the sign that Mr. G made…

Entrance to Herb Garden...
Entrance to Herb Garden…

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite places on earth … My Potting Shed. Another wonderful creation of Mr. G.

L O V E him and all his wonderful creations!

I have never had an unhappy moment in my Potting Shed!
I have never had an unhappy moment in my Potting Shed! The hydrangeas are very happy there too!

Wishing you a wonderful day doing all the things you love to do — surrounded by the people you love best!!

13 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday

  1. awesome post now I know the name of the hydrengea pinkie winkie, I was just talking to my hubby today as we drove past one and I mentioned that they also have a climbing hydrenga, seen some pictures of them and it was like wow, up the side of the building like 15 or more feet high! they are always coming up with new cultivars of favorites so more people can grow them in areas they normally don’t grow, just think of the types of magnolias when I was a kid and used to visit nc in the summer months during school vacations, they had plants I just drooled over, as I got older I would think about wanting to have them, southern magnolia, mimosa, palms (they don’t have a cultivar of palms yet for ohio hee hee but one can dream can’t they?)live oaks, and those really tall and pretty barked pine trees (think they are called southern yellow pine or loplolly pine not sure)I love their huge pine cones and bare trunks you could see the pretty reddish, brown bark. I do like your garden it is so full of so many different plants, your black eyed susans are pretty and it looks like some type of succulent is growing with them, know the name by the way? i am looking ot define the border of my yard (to seperate it from the rest of the yard, which is mostly lower and upper pasture and barn)with fencing but the prices are just to high for what I want, so I have to come up with a alternative that will work just as well. I would need a fence 150 feet by 150 feet to surround my house almost complely to allow for a half acre garden, I was thinking of just making a 150 by 150 bed border with edging to define the end of the garden area so it keeps the yard from looking weird with all the green space covered in plants and shrubs and flowers around the house and the rest of the property just grass. I could use plants to create a fence too, not sure yet. won’t be working on it till next year anyway. so good to see your plants never get tired of that.

    1. Thanks Chris. Both Francis Lester and Peggy Lester are climbing to the top in great form. Spring 2014 should be spectacular! When Mr G builds something you can count on its beauty and durability! He is such a craftsman! I am crazy about the new arbor too!

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