Summerthyme Blooms……

Wow, the first day of summer is here. Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday that I was driving you crazy counting down the days until spring through the Polar Vortex. 🙂 You can flash back to that here.

We have had an almost perfect spring. I have hardly had to use my new Flexzilla garden hose or even a watering can!

Flexzilla demo at Garden 2 Blog… If you  haven’t heard about this amazing NO KINK garden hose, read about it here!

Summer is coming in with a near perfect day that will hover around 80 and the garden is responding with some super blooms.

In thinking about summer I began to wonder just how many Popsicles are eaten every summer. I didn’t find the answer to that question, but I did find these yummy looking Popsicle recipes…


Find the recipes here.  And, if you find out how many Popsicles are eaten each summer, let me know. 🙂

Flowers celebrating …

These are the flowers that are helping me kickoff summer! (Click on any of the pictures to start the gallery feature.)


Stay cool and have a Popsicle or two!

5 thoughts on “Summerthyme

  1. beautiful flowers, esp the roses, my new dawn is growing good how is yours doing? just bought a purple splash and rambler ghislaine de feligonde, pronounced jis LANE de fell a gond, also bought 3 climbing hydrangea, the butterflies magnolia is not doing well it hasn’t grown any leaves except 2 the garden center said to put fertilizer around it and wait a month. my Canadian roses is not doing well, lost a lot of the top branches but a couple but hopfully it will get strong before winter comes. your clematis are beautiful too. thanks for sharing your garden with us regularly.

    1. I lost my New Dawn Climber over the Potting Shed… Looks bare without it. I posted about it a couple of months ago. Others did ok but a lot of die back. Many roses bounced right back, thankfully. I would love some climbing hydrangeas someday. Let me know how they do!! 🌹💚🌹

      1. you lost it totally? I am so sorry for you, I will keep you posted on the climbing hydrangea it takes about 2-3 years before they bloom but I went ahead and got them because the leaves are variegated. very pretty. we thought we lost the butterfly bushes but they are coming back from the roots.

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