Rose Buzz: Tropical Lightning

One of the roses I was sent this year for testing was Tropical Lightning. I have two and put them in large (approx 10 gal) pots on my sunny deck.
They started growing strong right from the start. Today was bloom day and I was shocked to see how truly beautiful this unique bloom is. I wasn’t sure I would like a rose with a great deal of orange. You’ve seen my garden … there is a ton of pinkness out there. This color actually has a lot of pink in it!
I have to tell you that I actually gasped when I saw the blooms. (#rosenerd) It is so pretty!! I took a ton of pictures, so see what you think….
Weeks says this… “The tropical warmth comes in the form of rich sunset-like orange while the dazzling lightning is generated by bright cream stipes. The effect is accentuated by a layer of purple smoke creating a burnt orange combo, perfect for a stormy sky! If you are still in doubt that such colors exist, don’t wait to be struck by lightning to plant this amazing Climber! “

I agree!

More Details…

  • Class: Climber
  • Fragrance: Moderate / fruity
  • Flower Form: Double and formal
  • Flower Size: Medium (3-4″ diameter, in small clusters)
  • Petal Count: 20 – 30
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Growth Habit Climbing and Spreading
  • Disease Resistance: Good
This rose was a limited release for this year and will be more readily available next year. This is one you just might want to add to your list for 2017.
I did see that Edmunds and Brecks had this rose earlier in the season. So, if you are still adding roses to your garden this season, give them a try.

Confession: Is there a time when you gasped when you saw a rose bloom?

Come on you can tell me!




Bloom Thyme Friday: Going Up …. and Over

Whether on an arbor, a fence or other structure, growing vertically is a great way to utilize space and add interest to your garden.

My top 5 favorite plants to grow vertically…

1.  Roses! (Favorite: New Dawn)

2.  Clematis (Favorites: Etoile Violette, Henryi & Jackmani)

3.  Honeysuckle (Favorite: Major Wheeler/Resistant to Powdery Mildew)

4.  Morning Glories (Favorite: Heavenly Blue)

5.  Pole Beans (Favorite: McCaslins/YUM)

 Top 3 reasons why I grow vertically…

3.  Provides privacy.

2.  To disguise an ugly view.

1.  It is so charming!

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What is your favorite plant to grow vertically?