Bloom Thyme Friday: Going Up …. and Over

Whether on an arbor, a fence or other structure, growing vertically is a great way to utilize space and add interest to your garden.

My top 5 favorite plants to grow vertically…

1.  Roses! (Favorite: New Dawn)

2.  Clematis (Favorites: Etoile Violette, Henryi & Jackmani)

3.  Honeysuckle (Favorite: Major Wheeler/Resistant to Powdery Mildew)

4.  Morning Glories (Favorite: Heavenly Blue)

5.  Pole Beans (Favorite: McCaslins/YUM)

 Top 3 reasons why I grow vertically…

3.  Provides privacy.

2.  To disguise an ugly view.

1.  It is so charming!

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What is your favorite plant to grow vertically?

3 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Going Up …. and Over

  1. The only thing I’d add to you climbers list is in the morning glory family, Moon Vine……I always look forward to around 6 in the evening to watch them white blooms open and brighten up the coming night and smell that sweet fragrance…….

    Paul From Alabama

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