Rose Buzz: Tropical Lightning

One of the roses I was sent this year for testing was Tropical Lightning. I have two and put them in large (approx 10 gal) pots on my sunny deck.
They started growing strong right from the start. Today was bloom day and I was shocked to see how truly beautiful this unique bloom is. I wasn’t sure I would like a rose with a great deal of orange. You’ve seen my garden … there is a ton of pinkness out there. This color actually has a lot of pink in it!
I have to tell you that I actually gasped when I saw the blooms. (#rosenerd) It is so pretty!! I took a ton of pictures, so see what you think….
Weeks says this… “The tropical warmth comes in the form of rich sunset-like orange while the dazzling lightning is generated by bright cream stipes. The effect is accentuated by a layer of purple smoke creating a burnt orange combo, perfect for a stormy sky! If you are still in doubt that such colors exist, don’t wait to be struck by lightning to plant this amazing Climber! “

I agree!

More Details…

  • Class: Climber
  • Fragrance: Moderate / fruity
  • Flower Form: Double and formal
  • Flower Size: Medium (3-4″ diameter, in small clusters)
  • Petal Count: 20 – 30
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Growth Habit Climbing and Spreading
  • Disease Resistance: Good
This rose was a limited release for this year and will be more readily available next year. This is one you just might want to add to your list for 2017.
I did see that Edmunds and Brecks had this rose earlier in the season. So, if you are still adding roses to your garden this season, give them a try.

Confession: Is there a time when you gasped when you saw a rose bloom?

Come on you can tell me!




5 thoughts on “Rose Buzz: Tropical Lightning

  1. Wow, it is quite amazing, looks like someone has been busy with a paintbrush! Love the description of it too!

  2. I just bought three Tropical Lightning! My husband liked it so much he wanted me to get more. The color is outstanding! The leaves are so shiny. It is beautiful even when the flower gets older.

  3. I went to Regan’s Nursery in Fremont, CA (510) 797-3222 and purchased one Tropical Lightning. They have them on sale for 50% off! They are beautiful. After I brought it home my husband wanted two more for the front of the house! So I went there again this morning. They must have over 1000 roses on their property. There is at least maybe 10 or more of Tropical Lightning left. Maybe more not exactly sure. I paid $25. They are significant plants!

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