Winter Garden: First Snow

Today we have our first snow and this morning it looks fresh and beautiful and boy is it cold… windchill factor is 7 degrees! Burrrrrr…. wasn’t it in the 50s a couple of days ago?

Here’s my view today in and around The Potting Shed


As you know I spend a lot of time dreaming of spring but for today, I am enjoying the pretty snow.

By the way… it is only 88 days until spring! If you want to see how the garden looks in the spring, check out these posts…

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12 thoughts on “Winter Garden: First Snow

  1. Your pond looks especially lovely with the white accents! I am so encouraged to hear that there are only 88 days until spring!! But, like you, I admit that the first snowfall is pretty!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Ok, the Christmas snow jealousy is kicking in fast…. The Nashville Gardener speaks words of truth! If it even looks like snow, the #DeepSouth goes into panic mode…. Great photos!

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