The Potting Shed

Step into the potting shed and the hum of the everyday world dwindles into silence. The air is warm and smells of earth. Wood flats checkerboard the potting bench, terra cotta pots tower in the corner like soup bowls on a kitchen shelf, and bins of soil beckon, their contents rich and deep.  –The Potting Shed by Linda Joan Smith/Smith & Hawkins

Fourteen years ago my amazing husband built me a potting shed as a Christmas present. It is attached to the back of our house, in front of my rose garden — right in the middle of all the action. A wonderful little place … hand-made desk, shelves, tool closet, cabinets and a potting bench, complete with a dirt drawer (my favorite feature!).

Potting Bench
I love the dirt drawer!
Fav gardening apron

Fellow gardeners, I don’t have to tell you the magnitude this gift was to me–I feel the love! My potting shed is cute, it is functional, it is heaven on earth. Every moment I spend in my potting shed is pure pleasure– whether I am potting, pruning, watering, reading, planning, dreaming, designing, writing or just enjoying the view, I have simply never had an unhappy moment in my shed!

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Something new decorating the Potting Shed ... The 2013 ARS Calendar. On the March page you'll find my Bourbon Queen!
Something new decorating the Potting Shed … The 2013 ARS Calendar. On the March page you’ll find my Bourbon Queen!

For where the old thick laurels grow, along the thin red wall, you find the tool and potting sheds, which are the heart of all. -Rudyard Kipling

Do you have a tool/potting shed or favorite potting place? I’d love to hear about it…

The Potting Bench...
The Potting Bench…


37 thoughts on “The Potting Shed

  1. I received a Holiday Amaryllis in a growing bamboo box last Dec 2014. I searched for at least an instruction so I might know how to get started but there was none. Being totally not knowing what to do, I poured the organic soil into the bamboo container covering the bulb and abandon for a day till I have the time to search the web sometime later. This morning I started to hydrate the soil and left the bulb buried. Then I started to see images of the bulbs how they were placed partially above the soil.

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