Earth Kind

I just received three beautiful roses from Chamblee Nursery–Aloha, Belinda’s Dream and Carefree Beauty. Two of these lovelies are considered Earth Kind roses.

Three New Beauties...

Three New Beauties…

photo 2-4EARTH KIND

Earth-Kind is a special designation given to select rose cultivars by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service through the Earth-Kind landscaping program. It is based on the results of extensive research and field trials and is awarded only to those roses demonstrating superior pest tolerance, combined with outstanding landscape performance.
Read more About Earth-Kind Roses.

Belinda’s Dream

  • Classification: Shrub rose
  • Introduced: 1992
  • Size: Medium shrub (5’X 5′)
  • Bloom: Very double, 100+ petals, up to 4″ diameter. Successive flushes of bloom spring, summer, and fall.
  • Fragrant: Moderate
  • Cold Hardiness: Zones 5-9

I had the great pleasure of seeing Belinda’s Dream in all her glory in the Biltmore Rose Garden a few weeks ago. (Read more about that here.)   This rose had first been recommended to me by Peggy Martin as her favorite rose … especially for those new to growing roses. I am not new to growing roses but I just had to have this lovely rose! Wouldn’t you?

Belinda's Dream in the Biltmore Rose Garden...

Belinda’s Dream in the Biltmore Rose Garden…

You can read more about Peggy Martin and her incredible rose here.

Carefree Beauty_PolCarefree Beauty

  • Classification: Shrub
  • ARS Rating: 8.5
  • Introduction: 1977
  • Color: Light rose
  • Size: 3′ – 4′ 3′ – 4′
  • Cold Hardiness: Zones 4 – 9
  • Disease Resistance: Very
  • Fragrance: Mild

To see other Earth Kind roses, read on.

Her is a fascinating article on Dr. Buck’s life and roses by Julie Jean Gustafson Minot–Dr. Bucks Life.

Other Earth Kind roses I have in my garden that do extremely well are New Dawn and The Fairy.


New Dawn Spring 2013

The Fairy Rose peaking through the fence.

The Fairy Rose peaking through the fence.


My rose friend, Chris- The Redneck Rosarian, grows Mutabilis and just raves and raves AND RAVES about it. If I had this rose in my garden, I am sure I would rave too!

Here is a picture of Mutabilis in the Biltmore Rose Garden…

Mutabilis at the Biltmore Rose Garden

Mutabilis at the Biltmore Rose Garden

Peggy Thumb_Pol

Click here to hear Peggy Martin tell her story … From Devastation to Inspiration.

About Teresa /

I know that to everything there is a season, but I’m a gardener and I start counting the days until spring the day after Christmas. Gardeners, we are in good company ... Genesis 2:8. I love roses and get completely giddy when it is time for my historical roses to bloom in early June. I live and grow in Zone 5b where I take care of my 175+ roses and their companions. I also co host the Rose Chat Podcast. Check us out @ Follow my garden experiences @
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16 Responses to Earth Kind

  1. Jack Falker says:

    Teresa… Great post! I have grown Carefree Beauty for 20 years; beautiful and truly “carefree”. I highly recommend Dr. Buck’s “Earth Song”, which is a prettier first cousin of Carefree Beauty, with all the same attributes. I have 30 Earth Songs; check out pictures on my blog.

  2. Peggy Hatcher says:

    I just made a road trip to Chamblee’s yesterday. I had a list of roses I wanted to put into a new bed, with a few alternates in mind. I got 5 on my list, 1 alternate, and one that was on sale! I had a very rewarding day. Giddy, actually! Now to finish out that bed…

  3. sueturner31 says:

    I have Mutablis in flower still ,it seems to go on forever and really hips well.

  4. roberta4949 says:

    good story, I did not know new dawn is a earthkind rose,just bought another one about 3 weeks ago, love this rose just hate the black spot, my roses suffered with it this year due to the cooler wet season except my rosa rugosa, semi wild rose and fairy only had a tiny bit. I think I need to move the fairy to a better location, anyway belindas dream looks like a very pretty rose. have fun planting them, next year is another year (and it cant come soon enough for me!!!)for more beauty and more flowers to plant and tend to. wish I could just rototill my whole yard around my house (probably equals almost an acre)and just plant roses and flowers of every kind and thus have no yard to mow except the dog area and pasture. too bad I can’t do that right now. maybe in a few years when I have enough money to blitz my yard, lol.

  5. Oh where do you find room??? I have thirty feet of empty space in front of my split rail fence…hmmm, should I go roses or clematis? Or both? Consultation please…;-)

  6. I look forward to trying these roses, Teresa. Especially ‘Belinda’s Dream’ – my daughter’s name. Your Biltmore post was just wonderful. Cheers!

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