Coffee and Camera: My morning in the garden…

I wanted to share with you my morning in the garden photographing Roseraie. So far I have taken about 30 stills and 3 videos (see one below). I love this rose!

As you go through the garden gate the large magenta rose you see is Roseraie De L’ Hay. This beautiful Rugosa rose is so fragrant it will perfume our entire garden. This year it was damaged by the 2 or 3 nights of 24 degrees and I have literally picked 60 – 70 dead buds. Can you imagine how many blooms we would have w/o that nasty frost. Oh well, today I am celebrating all the blooms that were spared. Luckily this is a Rugosa that repeats fairly well and in the fall produces the most amazing rose hips, so I have an entire season to enjoy. This is truly one of my all thyme favorite roses.

If you are interested in purchasing a Rugosa you might check out Heirloom Roses or Roses of Yesterday. They are tall bushes that like to spread out, so give them lots of room!

5 thoughts on “Coffee and Camera: My morning in the garden…

  1. Ahhh…. Another lovely stroll through your fabulous garden. Heirloom Roses is my go to destination for real time rose garden strolls. So glad to have them in my neck of the woods. Wishing you a lovely weekend in the garden!

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