Bloom Thyme Friday: I Can Hardly Sleep

There is so much going on in the garden this week (see pics below) … I can hardly sleep. I’m afraid I will miss something!!!! Mr. G and I were up early (still kinda dark) to do a quick garden walk before leaving for work. Everything looks so fresh and enchanting in the early morning… it was hard to leave. Here are some of the things that are drawing me in…


  • Roseraie de L’ Hay is still fragrant and beautiful.
  • Gertrude Jekyll and Rosa Mundi are just stunning today.
  • New Dawn over the potting shed and New Dawn over the gate trellis are opening a little more each day. I can’t blink!
  • The Grande Dame is very grand — tall, full and loaded with buds. So excited for that first bloom!
  • My 3 new Julia Child roses are just starting to grow and show promise! Chris, the Redneck Rosarian and Susan of Gagas Garden keep tantalizing me with their pictures of Julia!
  • White Meidiland is just pretty as can be with her generous white blooms.
  • My Sunny Knockouts are totally exciting with their cute little yellow buds and lightly fragrant blooms.
  • I could go on but onto the companions….


  • Lavender is ready to bloom and is looking to have a great season!
  • Yarrow is just beginning and will be great in arrangements.
  • The yellow primrose is just on the verge of bloom.
  • Clematis Etoile de Violette is spectacular today.
  • Iris are finishing up a grand season and snapdragons and peonies are taking their place in my heart.
  • Oh and the nigella, feverfew and larkspur (truly one of my most favs) that self-seeded are strong and healthy! I love it when they do that.


  • We have a momma cardinal sitting on a nest on my potting shed trellis. I “need” to keep an eye on her. I want to see the babies!
  • We have a little ground squirrel that keeps darting in and out of shrubs just to keep me on my toes!
  • Are there are at least 5 frogs hopping around in the pond on a regular basis.

You get the idea… things ARE MUCH too exciting to want to sleep. Right?!?

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10 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: I Can Hardly Sleep

  1. Isn’t it fun when the garden is so exciting you can’t sleep!? 🙂 I have two new New Dawns. I can’t wait to see them grow up! But, oh, your Roseraie de l’Hay is just gorgeous! Uh, oh – I had planned to quit buying roses, but may have to get him before I stop! Lovely garden.

  2. So pretty! I feel like I can smell the roses and the lavender and hear the critters chirping about!

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