Bloom Thyme Friday: New Dawn

One of my favorite roses is NEW DAWN. Healthy. Beautiful. Low maintenance. Sweetly fragrant.

New Dawn today over my Potting Shed porch.


  • New Dawn is a large-flowering climber that was introduced in the 1930s … a “modern” rose with old rose charm.
  • In 1997 New Dawn was voted the most popular rose in the world at the 11th World Convention of Rose Societies.
  • It actually was the first plant to receive a patent.
  • It is hardy in Zones 5 – 10.

In my garden…

I have three of these beautiful roses. One covers the pergola over my potting shed porch. The other 2 are on an arbor over the garden gate.

10 years ago I bought my first New Dawn from White Flower Farm. They sold New Dawn as part of their Dawn & Dusk collection … pairing it with the clematis Etiole Violette. This is a perfect pairing that I would highly recommend!

Etoile Violette’s bloom thyme is a bit ahead of the rose on this arbor.  There are plenty of New Dawn buds you can’t see them very well yet. But, isn’t this clematis amazing!

When they bloom in the spring …. they B L O O M. The softness of the petals and sweet fragrance make this rose just breathtaking. It is officially a “reblooming” rose but I don’t see many blooms after the spring bloom.

Soft, petal pink… just yummy!

Just like the tag says, this rose is disease resistant and low maintenance however, you need to provide a strong support–this is a vigorous grower. And, I would advise keeping up with the pruning …. it can get out of hand! Every 3 or 4 years I do a fairly major pruning to keep the rose fresh. The New Dawns on my arbor were cut back hard last year but have already reached the top! They are hard to discourage!

One more thing, when pruning a New Dawn gauntlet style rose gloves will be your friends.  Hiding behind those yummy blooms are hooky thorns that mean business! But, once you experience the blooms of a New Dawn rose, you’ll forget all about the thorns.

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. -Abraham Lincoln

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14 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: New Dawn

  1. I just love White Flower Farm, I have been getting their catalog for years. I want everything in there. lol Your roses are stunning!

  2. Thanks for showcasing this rose. And for the recommendation of the clematis, too. I am anxiously waiting for my new one to get big enough to grow over my arbor. The photos of yours are just beautiful!

  3. These are beautiful! The colors on the rose and clematis are stunning.

    Have you ever seen or used the New Dawn along a fence? We have an ugly chain link fence that needs something pretty along it to spruce it up and provide a pretty visual barrier from the non-stop-barking dog.

    1. I think New Dawn would work on the fence as it blooms best on lateral canes but would only be blooming in the early spring. But, if you pair it with Etoile Violette you would have bloom a good bit of the summer. Remember New Dawn is very thorny and you wouldn’t want to fall into it! Another climbing rose to consider would be Zephinine Drouhin. Lovely fragrance and thornless!

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