The Indianapolis Rose Show

The Indianapolis Rose Show was today. I have to say that when I woke up and looked at my extremely hot and dry garden, I wondered if there would be many roses at the rose show.

I love roses but have never been a rose exhibitor. However, I do love to see the perfect blooms on display! I shouldn’t have been concerned, the room was filled with beautiful roses. Since I know what our weather has been like, I could all the more appreciate each amazingly beautiful bloom. As visitors, we were allowed to vote on the most fragrant rose … don’t tell, but I voted for Double Delight. It is hard to beat that rose for fragrance! But, there were many tempting ones on the table!

Local rose shows are a great way to see beautiful roses, find out what grows well in your area, learn about rose culture and meet people who truly love roses. While at the show, I fell in love with two blooms … Marilyn Monroe and Hot Cocoa. Those were two roses I had never even considered before. They are now on my “2013 LIST!” And, I am looking for places that I might add them to my garden along side the other 95 or so.

On the way home from the show we stopped at a garden center. Not the best timing… kind of like going to the grocery store when you are hungry! Most of the roses they had left were less that desirable looking unless you were me in a weakened state where every rose looks desirable. I managed to make it out of the center with only one rose–a Tropicana who was also in a weakened state. We were meant to be together. I had Tropicana many years ago and have missed it. I am very glad to have this rose back in my garden.

She is now lovingly planted and has had her first dose of Moo Poo Tea. She will be on the mend and flourishing very soon.

Here are some beautiful roses…

Marilyn Monroe … Amazing Color & Sweet Fragrance

Hot Cocoa

This was just stunning!