Bloom Thyme Friday: Beating the Heat

This is a week of record high temps (99 – 103), so I find myself extremely grateful for the plants that are “beating the heat.”

Just when I was about to panic about the lack of water and intense heat, David Strickland of Witherspoon Rose Culture, our guest on Blog Talk Radio today told the story of his roses going without water for 6 weeks last year and once the rains came–the roses came back too.

So presently we are beating the heat with iced tea, fighting the Japanese Beetles and waiting for rain … and watering as much as we can! As CWO (Chief Watering Officer) the garden hose is in my hand most days!)

These are the troopers beating the heat and taking the sunny center stage in our garden… Click on the first picture and the gallery feature will open so the pictures won’t look so tiny.

7 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Beating the Heat

  1. One would never know there was any concern about the heat or otherwise looking at these lovelies! Absolutely gorgeous Teresa!

  2. Witherspoon Rose Culture is just a few miles from me! Good people over there, though I’m not a rose grower.

    We’re in our third day of 103+ and my garden is hanging in there quite well because I thickly sowed “fillers” of rudbeckia hirta and coreopsis…tall, thick and shading the soil for the other plants. Those fit in with my Meadow Garden and the Cottage Garden.

  3. Wow – we have the opposite problem in the UK: the wettest June on record and it’s pretty chilly too. I’ve a climbing rose (New Dawn) that is standing up pretty well, but I’m more of a vegetable gardener than a flower one and like many others here I am trying hard not to get miserable about the amazingly slow growth rate this year.

    1. That is the opposite problem but a serious one too. My New Dawn rose bloomed beautifully in May before all the heat started! Love that rose. Hope it dries up for you soon! Would be glad to share some heat!

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