Bloom Thyme Friday: Bill Warriner

The Bill Warriner Floribunda is one of my very favorite roses. I refer to it as my blooming machine. It is rarely without bloom.

Bill Warriner was bred by Keith Zary of Jackson and Perkins in 1996 and named for the renowned rose breeder Bill Warriner who died of cancer in 1991.

The American Rose Society  gives Bill Warriner a 7.9 rating in their 2013 Handbook for Selecting Roses. For more on the American Rose Society, click here. Their latest American Rose magazine is amazing. Sign up for it today! See cover pic below…

“William (Bill) Warriner (hybridizer from 1963 to 1984) developed 110 rose varieties that resulted in the sale of 40 million plants and 20 All-America Rose Selections. Two of his roses, Medallion and Red Masterpiece, were selected for special-issue postage stamps by the United States Postal Service in 1978.” -Jackson and Perkins Website 

Other Bill Warriner roses are Simpliciy, Intrique, Love, Honor, Rio Samba and Tournament of Roses.

My first Bill Warriner was planted in a bed that had the least amended soil in our garden and yet it flourished! After I saw what “Bill” could do, I moved him to a better location and bought 2 more. I love them. I am hoping I can find more. If you know of a company selling Bill Warriner roses, please let me know!

The color of this rose is a unique blend of apricot, orange and pink. It pairs very well with a vase of pink and yellow roses. As you will see from the pictures, sometimes the blooms are more pink and sometimes they are more apricot/orange.

This rose is medium sized with a compact growth habit and most definitely passes my fragrance test … a lovely, sweet rose scent.

Recently we have had at least two nights of plant-damaging frost in my neck of the woods and yet this morning, I went out to see Bill with beautiful blooms hanging in there! Love the rose but do not love the frost …. And, just so you know, it is only 158 days until spring! 🙂

Cover of latest American Rose magazine…

What’s going on in your garden this week?

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