Rose Companions: Clematis

I love most plants but I find that when thinking about buying a plant other than a rose, I consider how it will look with the roses. So, all in all, you could say in my garden I have ROSES and I have ROSE COMPANIONS.

One of my favorite rose companions is the lovely clematis. Whether you pronounce it KLEM-UH-TIS or KLEE-MAH-TIS, I think they make wonderful companions for my roses.

New Dawn & Etoille de Violette Clematis
Henryi works very well with New Dawn and Harison’s Yellow.
Etiolle de Violette

Blue Angel
Jackmani making an entrance!
The President

10 thoughts on “Rose Companions: Clematis

  1. Excellent information!! I love the clematis plant, but I never thought about coordinating them with the roses in the garden. I tend to just go with a color scheme. i love the clematis plants in your photos. You are making me eager to plan for next spring!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Very pretty! I like the photo of the deep purple with the yellow peeking behind it. Since yellow and purple are opposites on the color wheel, I think that combo helps both stand out beautifully!

  3. Thanks so much for posting these pics. I know I need more clematis, and you have given me some wonderful ideas about planting them with my roses. I especially love the pairing of New Dawn with Etoille de Violette.

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