Daffodils and Memories


Tete e Tete Daffodils
Tete e Tete Daffodils

From the tiny Tete e Tete to the gigantic yellow trumpets …  I have always loved daffodils. They scream spring!!

Daffodils are perennial, increase eagerly and are wonderfully deer and rodent proof.

Four years ago they became even more important to me. We lost a beloved family member on March 19,  just as the daffodils were blooming. Uncle Tony (Mr. G’s brother) heroically battled cancer for 20 years. At 49 years of age, it was much too early to lose him. Uncle Tony was a rare and special person … extremely creative, rock solid in his faith, a lover of people, a gardener AND a lover of spring & daffodils.

Just before his death when we were visiting with him, he mentioned wanting to get out in his garden and in pardaffsticular wanted to see the daffodils blooming. That did not happen.

In the fall of that year, I individually wrapped hundreds of daffodils in burlap, tied them with a jute bow and gave them away to anyone who wanted to plant daffodils in Tony’s memory and so many did!

Each year people give me reports on Tony’s daffodils and I know he is remembered.

He was just too special to forget.

Here are a couple of favorite family pictures….

Uncle Tony, Mr. G and our son Matt when we was about 4
Uncle Tony, Mr. G and our son Matt when we was about 4
photo 1-4
Brothers at the beach…

So many of our family memories are tied to plants and gardening. Here are a couple of other posts about family members and gardens…

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Do you have plants that hold special memories for you?

9 thoughts on “Daffodils and Memories

  1. When I finally bought my first single family home in 2001, I contacted the owner of the home where I was born, and she dug dozens of heirloom peonies for me to plant here in Virginia. They thrive in this climate and as I cut 300 + stems for market each May, I think fondly of my early life and times on Long Island.

  2. Such a nice way to remember a loved one. You can dye fabric with daffies. Comes out a pale yellow. They are so cheerful, how can a person be sad when they see one.

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss! What a lovely way to remember someone. I’m sure the daffodils will do well with all that love inside them.

  4. What a lovely way to remember your Uncle Tony! I’m sure those daffodils bring happiness to all who planted them. As you know wildflowers remind me of my Dad. But he was also with me to help prepare my roses the year I won Queen of the Show. That is a memory I will treasure forever.

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