Bloom Thyme Friday: Hyperion Daylilies

This week the garden is filled with color but most of the color is not coming from the roses. This is the time for the rose companions to take center stage.

One of the flowers taking center stage is the Hyperion Daylily.

Few perennials are as easy and as rewarding as the Hyperion Daylily. This is truly an oldie but a goodie. It has been around since 1924. Even though it is super easy, it is well behaved and doesn’t move around too quickly and doesn’t need dividing for several years.

However, it is very easy to divide and share. I can’t tell you have many “starts” of my Hyperion Daylilies I have given away through the years. Happy am I each year with this lovely plant blooms.

And, oh by the way, it has a lite and lovely fragrance! 🙂



Here are some other lovely blooms in my garden this week…July 26 THIS WEEK

What is taking center stage in your garden this week?

10 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Hyperion Daylilies

  1. I was wondering what happened to you, had trouble finding your recent posts, been out in the garden so much you forgot to post hi there, lol, those flowers are pretty, my rugosas are blooming again, so is my blaze, ,my crape myrtles are blooming as well (I do have to protect them even tho the past couple of years they had no die back whatsoever even tho Ionly protected the bottom half) I was talking to hubby about getting a magnolia found one called butterflies, it is a very yellow flowr that is hardy to zone5b or 4 forget, another is called vulcan I am interested in and another is a dark red purple that blooms twice a year hardy to zone 4, yahoo, hopfully I will be able to get one this fall. another one is called rose marie where the flower is a rose pink color and yellow bird (yellow flowrs) blooms a little later than other magnolias which avoids any chance of frost damage, which is a good idea. I remember times past when the saucer magnolias were in full bloom so beautiful and a frost comes through and just ruins it for everyone including the poor tree, late frosts suck! lol

      1. I have to winterize my crepes, but it is amazing the tops have not died back that past few years, but just in case I still bury them anyway just to be sure, my fig was partially buried but the tops exposed did die back but no matter the plant is taller than me already so by the end of summer it wil be above my garage, cool.

  2. I too love Hemerocallis,I grow many…I am at this moment awaiting the opening of H,Scarlet Oak…I shall write about it as soon as it opens..

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