P. Allen and Pesto

For weeks I have been in the mood for pesto! Maybe it’s because I saw a video by P. Allen Smith for Arugula Pesto and I love Arugula! Or, maybe it’s because my garden friend, Diane LaSauce, posted recently about Kale Pesto (recipe here) and about the pesto she makes and takes to her local farmer’s market.

I decided this weekend was the perfect time. But, when I looked at my trusty food processor, I knew I wanted to upgrade. So, I asked my garden/cooking friends on Facebook Garden 2 Blog page what food processor they would recommend and everyone said Cuisinart.

A quick trip to Costco and I had my shiny, new food processor and was ready to get started.

P. Allen has a super easy video on making the Arugula Pesto…

This was SOOOOO delish and so easy. Give it a try.



What do you think I should make next in my shiny, new food processor!

7 thoughts on “P. Allen and Pesto

  1. I have the exact same Costco Cuisinart. Have you found other good recipe sites that use the Cuisinart? Kale pesto recipe is a keeper.

  2. I’ve been super into pesto, too, lately. I made garlic scape pesto. It was soooooo good. I used as dip for veggies and of course on pasta. I haven’t tried arugula pesto,yet, though. Looks delish!

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