A Peek Inside the Potting Shed…

I have received  some requests to see more of the inside of the potting shed.

This tiny space (8 x 10) is filled to the brim with a desk area and wall of inspiration over it, tons and tons of gardening books, tools of the trade, seeds, over wintering plants, magazines,  and my potting bench with the somewhat famous–dirt drawer. The potting shed and all it’s furniture was a gift of love from Mr. G (the builder of fences, trellises and raised beds AND more) about 16 years ago. Actually it was a gift to the whole family who no longer had to walk around all my garden stuff!






A great place to create flower arrangements to share.


One of the greatest things about the potting shed is that it is attached to the back of our house and has a garden view. It is right in the middle of the action! I am such a lucky girl!


Here is the summer view from my potting shed porch.


9 thoughts on “A Peek Inside the Potting Shed…

  1. wow awesome shed, I take it it is heated so you can overwinter those plants, now I need to have one, a heated one, hum, wonder if my hubby will allow me to make the enclosed porch a shed by putting in shelves nad table and bookshelves and keep the heater on in there. he might, lol, that is so nice to have one, thanks for sharing yours.

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    everyone who loves plants and sunshine and gardening should have one of these, never thought of putting books in there what a great idea. you know if our remodeling your kitchen you can reuse the cabinets and counter tops as tables in a gardening shed, something to think about.

  3. Love seeing the rose ornament amongst the photos!
    T, you get a lot done in that shed and OH so organized! You should see my shed with the mower, drying table, tools and my design of THE TOOL TROUGH! It began all tidy, yet years later, no so. Your are an inspiration, my dear!

  4. Teresa, your potting shed is so neat! ‘Fess up – did you clean it up, big time, before you took the photos?

    No matter – what a lovely potting shed.

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