Bloom Thyme Friday: Getting Started

This has been a week of temps in the 70s and some much needed garden clean up and planting bare root roses. But, before I could plant the new roses, I had to remove the roses that did not make it through our harsh winter. As you probably know, digging out these roses is a tough job. The roots were deep and wide. And, it’s sad to lose them. But, I said my fond farewells and am moving on.

Hope springs eternal for gardeners and I am ready to get the new roses started.

New to my garden this year are 3 lovely roses to test from Week’s Roses ….

Just like her namesake ... sunny and charming.
Just like her namesake … sunny and charming.

Doris Day / Floribunda
Disease Resistant
Old Rose Form
Scent is fruity/spicy
Parentage: Julie Newmar x Julia Child

I can just hear him singing, “Cracklin Rosey…”

Neil Diamond / Hybrid Tea
Classic Rose Fragrance
Zones: 4 – 10
Size: 4.5 – 5

Look at that red!
Look at that red!

Take It Easy / Shrub
Parentage: Teeny Bopper x Double Knock Out
Slight tea fragrance
Size: Medium Height

And, the Queen is....
And, the Queen is….

I also planted three of the Tom Carruth beauties … Moonstone. All year long I have heard …. And, the Queen of the Rose Show is … Moonstone. It is an amazing rose and one that many of my local rose friends are growing, so I feel it will do pretty well in my garden. Fingers crossed. 🙂

I have some David Austins coming but we’ll talk about those next week.

NewsflashIn other exciting news….

I received an invitation this week that set my heart all flutter. I have been invited to serve as a juror at the 2014 Biltmore International Rose Trial Competition! Look at the stunning invitation…

IMG_9179I can’t wait!

How about you — are you getting started in the garden this week or are you one of those southerners who is looking for that first bloom or a Cali rose gardener who is now cutting roses for vases!!

Bloom Thyme Friday
Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!

21 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Getting Started

  1. Seeing the leaves forming on my JPII’s makes me giddy. It’s time. Looking forward to your garden shares this summer.

  2. My annual trip to Hardin Mountain Organics and Amish Store is tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see the large variety of heirloom tomatoes that await. There are usually 75 or more from which to choose. And on lucky days they have a folded fried apple pie that takes me back a few decades. Yea Spring!

  3. I am so ready for spring, too! I can hardly wait to hear how it goes with ‘Doris Day.’ I’ve always loved ‘Julia Child’ so I’m interested to hear what you think about ‘Doris.’ Congratulations on the Rose Trial appointment! What a great experience – that you can share with the rest of us!

  4. Did you get any fried apple pie? Just the thought of it and I am drooling. Hopeing to hear good news about Neil Diamond as I have Rock N’ Roll and it has been a show stopper in my yard.

  5. Our roses bloom in June here in England so I have a little while to wait. I love your new roses. It’s hard to choose which is the nicest because they all have so much to offer. I have lost one plant, which like you, I must soon remove.

    1. Hello! My old garden roses will mostly likely bloom in May but the bulk if them will not bloom until June … Especially this year as we’ve had so much die back. It pain me to have to cut back so low, but our winter was brutal! Happy spring!

  6. Wanted to thank you for answering my earlier post of my first Black Spot problems. On your advice I posted my question on the ARS Facebook page and they in turn requested those members to submit answers to help me. I am now spraying with two specific products that should knock out the disease fast and I’m hoping for the best. Thanks again

    1. GREAT! So glad you received the advice you needed! The ARS is made up for a ton of wonderful rose people who love to share! BEST OF LUCK with saying no to Black Spot. Let me know how you are doing. Would love to see pictures of your roses! Happy Spring!

  7. pretty roses, what a honor to be a judge (that is what a juror is right?) of roses, bet it is a beautiful place that Biltmore estates. have fun, it will be hard I know to pick the best but you can do it I have full faith in you, lol. (and the winner is all of them)

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