Bloom Thyme Friday: Excited about everything!


The above is VERY true! Today is a wonderful day and I am excited about everything!

It’s Good Friday and I know He lives.

Gonna be in the 70s for the next 10 days.

I planted roses today in the sunshine!

My spring tree blooms did NOT get nipped by the frost!

Vacation in 18 days! AND…

I am grateful for spring blooms and for GREEN!

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What’s going on in your garden today?

Bloom Thyme Friday


4 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Excited about everything!

  1. awe pretty flowers, my rugosas are coming to life. I have a few dafs and some tulips coming up, been so busy with remodeling the kitchen haven’t had the energy or time to build my rose bed but plan on this week to do it have all my supplies I think, my yard needs cleaned up from the stuff we tore out of the kitchen, wow what a job, don’t want to ever do that again. glad your so happy have a nice vacation, my hubbys was a working one this past week (the kitchen)

      1. when it is done, we still have to get the last two cabinets in , then they will measure and make our granite countertop, then I have to finish the wall tiling, and then the floor will be last. I do love my pantry I never had one before. with it I can put in tall items like large boxes of cereal, bottles of oil vinegar all those things that will not fit into ordinary cabinets due to being so tall. I don’t have to dig either the drawers slide out and I can get stuff in the back without knocking everything else over. and the drawers shut themselves once you get the drawers started they finish closing, easily, quietly and no banging sounds. really cool it has lightened up the kitchen had dark cabinets before and the kitchen always seem dark to me. yuck! this kitchen was long overdue it needed attention when we first moved here 22 years ago. we tolerated it since we had more important projects first. this kitchen is taking longer then we thought.

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