Biltmore Rose Trials 2014

I have had the privilege to be in rose fairyland. Nestled in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the side lawn of the majestic Biltmore estate, the Biltmore rose garden was in perfect form for the second annual Biltmore International Rose Trials. A big shout out to Lucas Jack, Biltmore Rosarian & his crew and to Paul Zimmerman for his leadership and direction in establishing these trials.

The Dynamic Duo … Lucas Jack and Paul Zimmerman

 The Garden…



Amidst a flurry of amazing blooms, these roses emerged as the winners:

Frances Meilland / Meilland / Star Roses & Plants
Pauline Merrell Award for Best Hybrid Tea

Francis Meilland (Picture courtesy Star Roses and Plants)
Francis Meilland (Picture courtesy Star Roses and Plants)

Tequila Supreme / Meilland / Star Roses & Plants
Edith Wharton Award for Best Floribunda

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Supreme

Bejazzo / Kordes
Gilded Age Award for Best Climbing Rose

Bejazzo Vased
Bejazzo in the garden...
Bejazzo in the garden… absolutely stunning from every angle.

Honorine de Brabant / Award of Excellence for Best Established Rose

Honorine de Brabant
Honorine de Brabant

Sweet Drift / Meilland
The Frederick Law Olmsted Award for Best Groundcover

Sweet Drift
Sweet Drift

Pookah / Polyantha / James Delahanty
The Honorable John Cecil Award for Open Group


Munstead Wood / David Austin Roses
Cornelia Vanderbilt Cecil Award for Most Fragrant

Munstead Wood


Miracle on the Hudson
Miracle on the Hudson
Miracle on the Hudson
Miracle on the Hudson

Miracle on the Hudson / Robert Neil Rippetoe

Chauncey Beadle Award for Best Shrub
William Cecil Award for Best Growth Habit
Lord Burleigh Award for Most Disease Resistant
George & Edith Vanderbilt Award for Most Outstanding  Rose (Best in Show)

None of these roses were grown with any special attention and no chemical sprays were used. The idea is to grow these roses in conditions that mimic that of a novice backyard gardener.

It was my pleasure to be up-close and personal with these lovely roses, and to join with some of my very favorite rose friends to be a part of a process that will result in more beautiful and sustainable roses for our gardens.


More Pictures…

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For more on the Biltmore rose trials, read on.

8 thoughts on “Biltmore Rose Trials 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing such magnificent beauty of The Biltmore Estate’s rose garden. How exciting to be there for the competition! It is fascinating that no chemicals were employed with such astounding blooms! I have been to The Biltmore only in the wintertime. I will definitely plan another trip when the rose garden is in full bloom. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. Fantastic photos, Teresa! Loved following all your activity at the Biltmore. That ‘Tequiila Supreme’ looks like a stunner… may have to give that one a try in an upcoming installation! Congratulations on such an opportunity/adventure.

  3. I have been to that garden when I was living in Tennessee, but it wasn’t rose time so thank you very much for taking me back to enjoy the roses. They are glorious. Here in England the roses are just starting. Can’t wait to see how mine will fare this summer.

  4. how did you ever decide? many of these look like some of the older varieties of the same classification how can you tell the difference? what a pretty garden, to bad they don’t have something like that close to home my home that

  5. Tequila Supreme or Tequila Sunrise? You have both names listed. I confuse these two all the time since I have them planted next to one another.
    I toured the Biltmore gardens this summer as part of the national daylily convention. Even though most of the roses were without name tags, I could identify most! I was pleased to see that their performance at the Biltmore was right in line with how they do here in Kansas, in a wildly different climate.

    1. Hi Cindy, Glad you stopped by. The rose name is Tequila SUPREME. And it is such a lovely rose! It won the Edith Wharton Award for Best Floribunda. This rose was bred by Meilland in France and is distributed by Star Roses and Plants. A real blooming machine! All the roses in the Rose Trial are know for their disease resistance and overall performance. Have a great day!

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