Bloom Thyme Friday: Blooming Machines

This is Bloom Thyme Friday on Sunday. I have had so many friends and family in the garden this week, I didn’t have time to post on Friday. YAYAYAYAYAY  What a blessing!! Don’t you just love having friends in your garden. I know my garden is a “wee bit” larger than most backyard gardens so I get many requests for people to come and I just love that!

Early June is the best time in my garden. That’s when the old garden roses and rugosas have their heydey and fill the garden with the most amazing blooms AND fragrance.

Just in case you didn’t make it to my garden the last week or so, here are a few pics to let you know just what’s going on! (Click on any of the pictures below to start the gallery feature.)


Bloom Thyme Friday

Here is my favorite visitor to the garden this week to help me wish you a HAPPY BLOOM THYME FRIDAY!


Actually Mr. H wishes you a HAPPY BLOOM THYME SUNDAY!

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Blooming Machines

  1. Ohhhhh… How lovely, Teresa.
    Early June is the best time in my garden too, and I always tell my family: let’s have a garden party in the first week of June next year! It’s never happened.
    However, my three surviving roses – deep pink rosa rugosa – are all sending out blooms. I love them.

    Happy gardening, Teresa!

  2. Wish we could grow roses here in Barbados as prolific as you do in your garden. I enjoy your photos and your passion for gardening is most infectious !!


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