Winter Came to the Rose Garden

This morning I woke up to 16 degrees and today was a day I had set again to do more winterizing in the garden. So, I donned my dad’s hunting coat and one of his old flannel shirts (and my thermals) grabbed my pruners and headed out to prune some of those extra long rose canes and to add some mulch to those that I know to be a little more tender. Most of my roses can take most any weather that winter dishes out. (You can read more about that here.)

All it took was to just “be” in my garden for more than a few minutes stolen here and there and I was transformed. The birds were singing, the frost added an enchanting sparkle and God showed up. Just as he always does when I am in the garden. I cast all my cares on him … and he takes them as his own and I am different for it. The greatest peace I have ever known is in the quiet peacefulness of mornings in my garden. It doesn’t matter the chore, it simply is all that for me. And, if you throw in some potting shed time … well you have the fixings of a perfect day. I hope that you have someplace in your life where you are at peace and God shows up. We know he is always with us and he doesn’t just “show up,” but in the stillness of a special place we “know it’ more.

Here are a few images of the winter roses … 

9 thoughts on “Winter Came to the Rose Garden

  1. awwwww the roses have been murdered, lol, does add some interest however. they are still pretty with the frost on it, but I know that it means winter is almost here, yuck!!!! my plants are all finally ready, nov is usually my month to do this but the cold got my plants before I got them ready so hopfully they will still be okay in the spring. gardening is a weep/rejoicing experieince.

  2. I have special gardening clothes for late fall/early spring (the edges of winter) gardening chores, including a pair of snowpants I got on clearance, wool socks, warmer gardening gloves, and a warmer hat. God shows up in my garden,too. I’m glad he shows up in yours.

  3. Hello my friend
    I agree God is always with us, but we have to be open to listening to him
    The gardens with all the marvels make us realize his power and wonderful plan.

    it is wonderful that our gardens do not end with a freeze they give us pleasure on a
    different plane

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