Rose Buzz: Helping Roses be Their Best Self

Rose Buzz_7_whiteContrary to popular belief, roses are simple creatures with basic needs like…

SUN: You’ve heard it said over and over …. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Pick a spot with 6 – 8 hours of sun!

WATER: All living things need water. The best tip for watering I can give you is—water deeply. Shallow watering leads to shallow roots—which leads to plants that are more susceptible to dry conditions. Send those roots down deep!

NUTRITIOUS SOIL: This is the most important part! Good soil is the best gift you can give your plants. Roses don’t like like “wet feet,” (Neither do most other plants!), so drainage is key. For those of you in my region (midwest Zone 5) you are probably dealing with clay soil. Amend clay soils with compost and aged manure.

DEADHEADING: To keep your roses blooming throughout the season, remove spent blooms.

FERTILIZER: We ask a lot of roses … Be your best self and bloom all season long, so they appreciate a boost! For shrub roses the best time to fertilize is the spring. For hybrid teas and floribundas, they will appreciate some fertilizer in early spring and mid summer.

MULCH: 2-3″ of mulch helps retain moisture and provides a weed barrier. It is one of my fav parts in the process as it adds the finishing touch in the garden!

GOOD COMPANIONS: We all benefit from good companions. They truly help us be our best self and in the case of roses, many of those companions play host to the good bugs they need to fight the bad bugs lurking about!

YOU! Like in all good relationships, there is no substitute for time together. They like to show off for you and the more you visit the more you will recognize what is working and what is not! Maybe it is time to take a selfie of you and your roses and post it on social media. That will surely prove how much you love them. 🙂

Roses Do Best With _002


We have not had significant rain for 3 weeks and temps are soaring into the 90s. This is hard on all plants (and people).

As we’ve talked about before, I have a “system” (read about that here) that helps with a portion of my garden and those areas hardly know what the real weather conditions are, but for the rest of the garden, very little watering is happening due to the fact that the gardener (me) has been in a very busy season and has had very little time.

Proving once again that roses are not the divas many believe they are, here are pictures of my roses this week. Yes, many of these blooms are coming from areas that have not had the benefit of extra care!

Lady Ashe ... short climber
Lady Ashe … short climber
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Doris Day ... lovely rose from Weeks Roses
Doris Day … lovely rose from Weeks Roses


Ice Cap ... new rose from Star Roses and Plants. Once of very favorite roses in the garden this year. Couldn't be easier!
Icecap … new rose from Star Roses and Plants. Once of very favorite roses in the garden this year. Couldn’t be easier!


Thanks for stopping by!

I hope this week is filled with all that you need to be your best self and that you have time to “stop and smell the roses.”



11 thoughts on “Rose Buzz: Helping Roses be Their Best Self

  1. Teresa, you keep surprising me with new and beautiful roses from your garden. How special is Our Lady of Guadalupe! Such a lovely photo and one of those roses that looks to be looking up to the heavens and is bathed in light! I’m putting together a collection of photos where the roses are really capturing the light for a future series of paintings which I’d like to call ‘The Radiance of Roses’. But this month I’m working on my mini series ‘Aspects Of Roses’ – 30 small works. Roses never leave me short of inspiration!! If I don’t get to speak to you before hand, have a wonderful time in Syracuse, I know that you will!

      1. Thank you Teresa, that would be lovely! I have just been having fun looking at the Jackson and Perkins website and delighted to see that they are also responsible for the Pope John Paul II which I just loved painting!

  2. Love that Doris Day!
    Same weather here in central VA! Thank angels, fall is soon upon us, and hopefully along with it some rain.
    Sunny has blossoms as high as my nose, and spent flowers are remaining for hips. Sorry to see her go dormant, as she put up with Jbeetles during second flush, yet now Sunny makes up for lost time! xo

  3. Teresa, as always such an inspiring post and your roses are just lush and wonderful with all your TLC! Such sensible advice too. I think summer in all its forms starts to wear us down towards the end, whether it’s a lack of rain or, in the case of me, just too much! I hope all the gardeners out there who are desperately dry get some soon! Thank you again for your lovely posts.

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