Bloom Thyme: Spring Chores Today

The garden chores this week have been to continue PRUNING and to start FERTILIZING the roses, to continue to pick up leaves and debris and tour the garden centers looking for treasures to add to the garden! These tasks are made all the more fun when I’m surrounded by so many pretty early spring bloomers…

Dee-Lish Roses

I bought two of the award winning (and fragrant) Dee-Lish roses from Star Roses and Plants at Dammann’s Garden Center a couple of weeks ago and they started blooming in the potting shed while I was away. Remember when I left for Cali it was SUPER cold. Today it is 74 and sunny!
 IMG_0906 IMG_0908 IMG_0907

Dogwood Trees


Bloomerang Lilac


Sargent Crabapple Trees

…a feast for the pollinators!

Creeping Phlox and purple mini iris.



 Last year I grew more roses in containers than ever before. They overwintered in the dark, only lightly warmed garage. They have been out of the garage for almost a month now and they are looking great! They were fertilized yesterday and I expect I will see great things soon. They are still located near the door of the garage — just in case we get bad weather. Our last frost date doesn’t come until May 10 so I am going to keep them close by for a couple more weeks. When we get past the frost date, they will go back to the deck and spend their summer wowing us!
IMG_0968 (1)

Rose Bed in Front of Potting Shed

… they’re coming back!

Well, break time is over… Mr. G is power washing the front porch. I better go check on him and see if he needs a drink!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

11 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme: Spring Chores Today

  1. Glorious, glorious post. Love your dogwoods. Saw my first dogwoods at the Staten Island Botanical Gardens last June and was so excited. Would love to know more about growing roses in containers. Could I please do an email Q&A interview with you about it so that I can share your wisdom with my email newsletter subscribers?

  2. You have the touch with roses. I like the Dee-Lish & have not seen it in Garden Centers near me. Could you tell me what you use to prevent blackspot?I have never found anything that is effective all season. Their is plenty of space between the plants & I change the mulch etc. but it starts showing up late June after blooming. The David Austen Molineaux & an old fashioned one White Wings seem to be less vulnerable. Thank you & good luck, Joe

  3. Very nice! I over wintered my green ice minis in a large urn inside the garage and they came back no problem. I’m going to try souvenir de la malmaison for the 3rd time .but this time in a large pot over wintered in the garage also.

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