It was one of those days…

Today has been one of those perfect days … the kind of summer day that memories are made of.
Blue skies.
Big fluffy clouds.
Plenty of garden blooms.
Extra time with my honey.
No plans.
No agenda.
Just summer fun.
I am grateful.
We did a little gardening, a few household chores, made a quick trip to Lowes and a local garden center to look at hydrangeas. You’d think I have enough. But no. There is always room for another rose and another hydrangea! And, Country Harmony had just the hydrangea I was looking for – Little Lime. He joins the other 5 Little Limes in my garden. I know. I know. But, I just love them! I am also crazy about Bobo and Pinky Winky and Annabelle and … well you get the picture! 🙂
 Rose:  Aloha
 Rose: Flamenco Rosita
 Rose: Olivia Rose Austin
 Rose in front: Campfire
 Rose in front: Beverly
 Rose: The Generous Gardener (DA)
 Rose: Black Forrest
I hope you had a wonderful day that was filled with the things you love best.

Hey, Mr. G is working on a new project for me! I think it will be ready soon for the big reveal.  Maybe even tomorrow. I am so excited about this I am practically jumping up and down. Actually I am jumping up and down.

11 thoughts on “It was one of those days…

  1. I can relate! Just got back from Northland Rosarium with a 7′ tall Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea standard. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I can think of about a dozen places where it would look just right, so maybe that means we need a few more. I never have enough hydrangeas, either, but standards are new to me. Lovely, inspiring photos as always, Teresa.

  2. Your garden is amazing, as are you. You perfectly described “a perfect day.” Thank you for sharing your garden adventures. peace.

  3. o my, I agree perfect day…….had me working on rearranging one bed and downsize it a bit, by moving, eliminating plants that are two much work…and creating a nice venue….
    way too much work for this lady in one day…but it was so pretty out!!

  4. How lovely! Can you name some of the rose varieties you show in these pictures? I feel like I see Olivia Rose Austin but that’s the only one I recognize (if in fact it is Olivia)

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