What Roses Should I Add?

Since Christmas has come and gone, I have been working on my garden lists…

  • Seeds to buy. (So far I’ve ordered several packs of Sonata Mix Cosmos and Cannes Mix Larkspur-great rose companions!)
  • Perennials to add. (I totally want more peonies!)
  • Annuals to add. (I’m looking at the new ones out!)


With a moved tree I found a bit more sun and am happily finding roses and companions to fill that sunny spot!

On order so far are 3 Mother of Pearl roses from Roses Unlimited. Look at these blooms!


Photo courtesy of Marci Martin.

Pat Henry of Roses Unlimited is lovingly caring for them until ship date in late April! I fell in love with this rose at the Biltmore in September. The experience of seeing an entire section filled with this beauty was enhanced by my friend Marci Martin standing beside me regaling with stories of how beautiful and healthy this rose was in her Connecticut garden last year. I was sold! Marci could sell me most anything! 😃

Listen to Marci tell her story …

David Austins coming to my garden…



A medium size, fragrant shrub. These peach pink buds get to me! In an interview with Michael Marriott a few weeks ago, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this one!

More details here.


Ancient Mariner

Medium size shrub, disease resistant shrub with strong fragrance. Because you can NEVER and I mean never have too many pink roses. Ad says “masses of blooms” on this one. A pink, blooming machine … SOLD!

More info here.


Maid Marion

Small, disease resistant shrub with light fragrance. More info about the rose here.


As you know I love the stories behind rose names, so I wanted Maid Marion in my garden. At the helm of this story behind the story of the rose name is none other than my friend, Marci Martin. Marci had this rose named for someone very special. It’s a rose story you don’t want to miss! Read about Marion here.

Thank you Marci for all you did to make Gayle’s dream a reality.


So, you’ve seen the roses I am adding so far this year. Is there one that you think I need on my list? Please leave me a comment and tell me about it!

In the meantime, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Wishing you love, flowers and perhaps some chocolate!


11 thoughts on “What Roses Should I Add?

  1. Enticing choices! For another rose, I would suggest ‘Savannah’ (Kordes; available from Chamblee’s, Palatine, if you don’t already have it. Wonderful fragrance, excellent disease resistance, and beautiful flowers, even in the high daytime temperatures of July/August. You can read about it here: http://newflora.com/product/savannah-rose/

    For a stunning annual, I woulod suggest Celosia ‘Intenz’; I first saw this stunning plant in late summer/early fall, but I understand that it blooms all season: http://www.ballseed.com/PlantInfo/?phid=014507215001198

    1. I bought a tiny Savannah last year and have high hopes for it this year! Saw to at the Biltmore and it was so pretty and fragrant. Excited about it! I have not heard of the Celosia but will be checking it out. Thanks so much for the suggestions!!!

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