End of An Era

Well, I have come to the end of a 20-year-long era–my Smith and Hawkins boots. Remember Smith and Hawkins? Hope you were able to visit one. We had a beautiful Smith and Hawkins store in Indianapolis. I can’t tell you how many dates Mr. G and I had there. He always knows the way to my heart. Even in the dead of a dark, cold Indiana winter, it was spring at Smith and Hawkins. I bought my first REAL garden boots there, actually Mr. G bought them for me. (TRUE LOVE!)

The first pair lasted 10 years and the 2nd pair is coming up on 10 years. The second pair was bought at Target who carried a few  things from the Smith and Hawkins line for a while. Seriously, these boots really should have been replaced last year, but I held on hoping that whoever decided to close all the Smith and Hawkins stores, would come to their senses and open again!

Here are my beloved boots in better days. Standing by the door ready to go at a moments notice.

The first issue in the replacement process is giving them up.

The second issue is their replacement. So many options.

I have made a decision to buy these beauties. Are they over the top ???

Time will tell if I have made the right decision—I ordered online. But, I do like the look of them. What do you think? I probably should have sent out an APB to all of you to ask for recommendations, but I am hopeful. Just in case, if you have a suggestion please leave a comment!

Today was the last day for the boots and we made it a doozy!

My plan was a bit “ambitious” for a day with time constraints and “old” boots. But we did it … all I had planned and more!

3A458CBC-786A-448E-82AA-4113779C9172I guess you could say that these boots (and I quote my good friend and Rose Chat partner in crime, the Redneck Rosarian) are “worn slap out”! 

Here’s  picture of me and my boots a few years ago… TIRED. DIRTY. HAPPY.

Do you get attached to things?

17 thoughts on “End of An Era

  1. The ony problem with your lovely new boots is that you probably won’t want to get them muddy. They are just too pretty for mud!

  2. You’re going to love those BOGS….I have had so many pairs and continue to have them at every door between the ranch and the nursery over the years. I find them so comfortable I “forget” and wear them to the grocery or out to lunch with Mr. Blue Jeans. One of the most special prints was the animal print that was taken to Kew for their first outing! ♥

  3. You know they have pretty duct tape anymore for patch jobs!! I would say those boots have done their time. And so funny, we were just talking about how much we missed Smith and Hawkins! I have sloggers for my garden trips and nurseries in the Spring. But I love your choice for your next pair of garden boots…enjoy.

    1. Thanks Barb. I am getting excited about the new. But, I will always miss Smith and Hawkins. Luckily I still have many things from there including one of my fav books, The Potting Shed and one of my fav garden hats!

  4. I like your new choice in boots! They are pretty in color and are upbeat! My greatest wish for you is that they are comfortable ! I hope you love them!
    And, yes, I get attached to things in the same way!
    Enjoy your boots!

  5. I’ve had Boggs boots, although not the nice rose ones you have. They were very comfortable, but over 2 years time developed cracks in the toe region.

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