Bloom Thyme Friday: Boot Update

I am not sure who of you said, “You won’t want to wear the new boots in the garden—they’re too cute.” Well, that almost happened! I looked at them for two weeks and wore “other” boots. (The original boot post is here.)

But, today was the day, up and out in the garden early and the boots were on.

It was a full day of gardening and I gave them a workout! I can now report I made the right choice. They are not too “cutesy” for real work … actually these boots are amazing. I totally recommend Bogs!  I even have my eye on another pair!

Don’t judge but I had a fashion shoot before getting them dirty. (And they sure are dirty now!)

Yes, the Bogs are a winner

In other garden news… Look at the Bloomerang Lilac. Beautiful, fragrant and a rebloomer!


The Dogwoods are going crazy. This picture does not do them justice since I have 4 large Dogwood trees around the deck. Don’t you just love Dogwood trees!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!


13 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Boot Update

  1. I had never seen dogwood trees until I visited New York, aren’t they just spectacular and I’m sure your roses will appreciate you being such a cutie in the garden and will bloom all the better!

      1. Yes, I’m sure I would! I had once thought to try growing one of these in a container but changed my mind because I think they would grow a little too big for that.

  2. Teresa,
    Enjoyed the ARS article. You have a beautiful garden. I have a question about your lilac. How old is it? I remember seeing beautiful lilacs when I was a child in Zone 7, but I can’t get them to bloom. I have heard that it takes 7 years to bloom. Do you agree and do you have any suggestions?

    1. The lilac in the photograph is 3 years old. Lilacs grow very well here in Zone 5b. The farther south you go, they do not do as well. So sorry about that as they are so wonderful but there are other things in the south that are wonderful that we can’t grow her! 🙂 I have never heard about the 7-year delay in lilacs. I have heard it takes several years for old varieties of Wisteria to reach blooming maturity. Nice to hear from you.

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