Bloom Thyme Friday: Going Up and Over

While much of the garden is suffering a bit from all the rain and the lack of sunshine, many of  the climbers and ramblers are “going up and over” beautifully. The two main arbors that are across from each other are making magic happen. The stuff that makes this gardener’s heart sing!

They don’t always bloom at the same time but this year … Oh yea! that is just what they are doing! Most ramblers and many of the climbers I have only bloom one time per year. It is wonderful to see them create rose fireworks together! Timing is everything … well almost everything. A few dry days and some days with sunshine would certainly be welcome.

Front Arbor: New Dawn Back Arbor: Peggy Martin Rose and Francis E. Lester
Zepherine Drouhin Bourbon
Reine des Violette Hybrid Perpetual
Pink Peggy Martin out in front!
Celsiana … a large rambling fragrant Damask.
New Dawn

A typical day in my neighborhood…

For those of you considering adding more climbers to your garden and maybe even a rambler–if you have the space, here are some varieties to consider.

Zepherine Drouhin: Mostly a one time bloomer. Sometimes you will get a few blooms later in the season. It is a thornless Bourbon rose that is quite fragrant.

Francis E. Lester: Read all about him here. You can buy one from my good friend, Guinivere, at Roses of Yesterday.

Honeymoon Arborose: A lovely Kordes white climber that did very well at the Biltmore Rose Trial winning the coveted Lord Burleigh Award for Most Disease Resistant Rose. This is one I hope to add next year! Sold out for this year at Jackson and Perkins. Guess I better place my order for next year soon!

David Austins’s The Generous Gardener: A gorgeous rose that is very disease resistant in my garden. One of the prettiest Austins I have. See it growing in my garden here.

David Austins’s Albrighton Rambler: This rambler is considered a “well behaved” rambler and it grows 15′ or so and not 20-30′! I absolutely love it in my garden. Check it out.

Jasmina: This is a rose our society sold this year and they sold out quickly before I had a chance to get one. I plan to add it in the future. See it here.

New Dawn: Grows like crazy once it gets established. Soft pink and a soft fragrance! I have had this rose in my garden for more than 15 years. Love it.

For more on climbers and ramblers, my good friend Stan Griep did an article for Garden Know How you might enjoy. Read on.

Whether the sun is shining or the rain is falling, I will be having a very happy BLOOM THYME FRIDAY and hope you will too!

12 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Going Up and Over

  1. Wonderful post Lady T. Your gardens and the lucky roses within them are a little slice of Heaven to view. Such beauty to behold they are. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and videos.

  2. Thank you Teresa, you are such a treasure writing this just for me! I am so excited now about the vertical possibilities for my garden, this could be the start of a whole new adventure!!!

  3. I could not resist your posts on climbers this spring. Glorious! What roses ought to be. Have you ever planted a climber in a large pot placed in front of a lattice? Thank you for bringing all these beauty to us.

  4. Teresa, what a beautiful garden you grow, a real slice of heaven on earth. I see the Creator so well in the Creation-your rose garden. I loved the climbers, ramblers and English roses esp. Thanks for the blessing of seeing what awaits us called rosarians in heaven! Your rain videos were so beautiful. My best to you always.

    1. Oh Connie, it is so nice to hear from you. I have missed our chats! Like you I think for rosarians … the best is yet to be. Gardening was God’s idea first and his garden will be the best! Hugs to you.

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