Bloom Thyme Friday: At Last

What do you think of when you hear “AT LAST”?

I know what my first thought is … Etta James belting out one of the most amazing songs in music history!

Before we go any further, want to enjoy it?

Oh Etta Etta Etta.

These days there is another AT LAST making some noise. A beautiful rose from Proven Winners!

I had heard about this rose last year but didn’t find one. This year I was given two to test from my good friends at a local IGC, Country Harmony! Thanks Ryan and Brad!

I love this rose so much. I even went back to buy what they had left. They only had one more. But, I snagged it.

This charming rose with the old fashioned full petaled blooms is rarely without blooms. And, the color! Such a pretty apricot. And, there’s more … fragrance and disease resistance! With all the rain, some of my roses are succumbing to fungal disease. At Last has only given up a few leaves.

A small to medium sized shrub that is hardy in Zones 5 – 9.

Take a look at ‘At Last’ growing in my garden…

If you are looking to buy one for fall planting, check online at White Flower Farm… here.

By the way … the Japanese Beetles don’t seem to like the Stargazers, but I sure do. And they are blooming beautifully!

“At Last” we have come to the end of another week … and I wish you a Happy Bloom Thyme Friday.

6 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: At Last

  1. Stunning rose Teresa and loved the musical accompaniment!
    Just wondering if you bring your star gazers into the house as cut flowers and if so do you remove the stamens?

  2. Georgia O’Keefe, might have had a rose like that in mind when she wrote ” I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale you could nor ignore it’s beauty” I helped my granddaughter with school project research on Ms. O’Keefe & that quote came to mind with this post.
    Thank you for attaching the song. It brings back many pleasant memories.
    Good luck ,Joe

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