Bloom Thyme Friday: A Thing for Glass

I have a thing for glass. If you know me you might say I have a thing for several things … family, roses, flowers, jute, coffee, books and JESUS … And not in that order! LOL But, today we are going to talk about glass.

Sunday there was a friend in the garden who decided to take some flowers home with her. I sent her to the potting shed for a vase to put them in. Know this… vase means bottle, jar or something of the sort.

She found an appropriate bottle but we realized the myriad of flower containers in the Potting Shed had diminished to a couple. Oh no! 😱😳  So, I headed into the garage where I have another “supply.” If you went to my attic, you would find yet another “supply.” #dontjudge

As I lovingly took them from the garage shelves and put them on the Potting Shed potting bench I just kept looking at them. All different. All conjure up memories, stories and the like.

They sparkle. They shine. They represent special dinners, yummy snacks and everyday life … jams, jellies, spaghetti sauce, soups, spices, honey, smoothies, pickles, and containers friends have saved for me because they know I have this “thing.” Then there are the classic Ball and Mason jars which truly take me down memory lane to my mother who spent her summers and falls “putting up” the food we would enjoy all winter. For our family often it was out of necessity but no less delicious. Rarely do I have canned food that is as delicious as the food she served us. She had a “thing” about serving good food!

So today you get to see what I saw as my beauties were laid out on my potting bench. I left them there for a couple of days just to enjoy their size, shape, color. More than once I have thought about the container designers. Did they know the their beautiful glass container would have another life as vases for my home grown bokays, my sprigs of something (link)  and holders for dried flowers and seeds in my potting shed. And, the label designers… I hope they didn’t know that I would use gallons of GOO GONE to remove their creation to make them my own. They will leave here and have yet another life once the flowers have faded.

Note the brown bottles on the shelf. LOVE THEM so much! They play off Annie’s Moo Poo tea packages so well!
The smallest ones are the ones the children pick and stuff full of flowers!

While you are being dazzled by the beautiful containers, DON’T MISS the amazing stem of The Fawn (Faun) rose—a ground cover rose. These blooms are small but just about perfect. This rose is new to me and I have read it is very disease resistant. I’ll admit I have struggled to keep the leaves on this rose healthy, but the blooms ARE amazing. And, I will keep it and keep trying. The blooms are worth it!

Now I’m wondering what it is that you have “a thing” for. That thing that you tend to have too much of.  That thing(s) that makes you soooo happy!

Keep enjoying the simple things, keep blooming and Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: A Thing for Glass

  1. Hmmmm, a thing for “containers.” We may be related. My “”thing” extends beyond the “vases” to decorative boxes, and bags, especially of the brown paper, or burlap variety. 😂 I simply love vessels which can hold special “things” like gifts, heirlooms, and artifacts. TGIF Roselady!

  2. I have a thing for growing beautiful roses, but I’ve never had roses as perfect as yours. Would you write a post on the care you give your roses? You could begin with planting in the winter and the care uou give throughout the year.

  3. I loved this post Teresa, I love glass too, it is such a precious resource and a thing of beauty. And what do I have a thing for?…Well, perhaps I might have a few too many rose dresses,..

  4. I love glass bottles too, mostly pop bottles. I keep the special labels on. Shirley Temple Boylan soda, Mighty Mouse blue cream soda, KISS graoefruit soda, Bulldog root beer, Jones grape soda with a Beagle on the label (beagle love), an old 16 oz coca cola bottle found floating in sugar creek (covered bridges there), 1997 Parke Co Covered Bridge Festival Coca Cola, Red Bridge gluten free beer (I dumped the beer, just wanted the bottle), Flathead Lake Gourmet soda. I love the light coming through the glass colors. In the garden I have two bottle trees and lots of bamboo sticks with bottles turned upside down on them. Remember the aluminum Coca Cola bottles, I collected 4 different ones, stuffed ’em with a cork, strung them to an embroidery hoop with thin fishing line and they are a wind chime clanking around on the breezy days! I have many wind chimes and covered bridge items that I have collected as well. 🙂

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