Bloom Thyme Friday

Today it is sunny and cold. I love the sun, BUT it allowed that Groundhog to see his shadow and I was not fond of that. His prediction is that there is 6 more weeks of winter. I am pleading with spring to defy the groundhog and come up with a better plan.

With all that said, Groundhog Day is kinda fun. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

This weather lore was brought from German-speaking areas where the badger (German: dachs) is the forecasting animal. This appears to be an enhanced version of the lore that clear weather on Candlemas forebodes a prolonged winter.

The Groundhog Day ceremony held at Punxsutawney in central Pennsylvania, centering around a semi-mythical groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil, has become the most attended.

Yea, it’s fun to hear all about it and see them get dressed up and all … I just hope winter doesn’t go on and on and on until we begin to feel like Bill Murray. #groundhogdaythemovie  😳😳😳

GOOD NEWS: I heard today on Instagram from my friends @maplehurstgardens, located in NJ, that The Groundhog predictions are mostly wrong. #thatswhatimtalkingabout


While we are thinking about spring, I am wondering what are your favorite spring blooms. Here are two of mine:




Dogwood Trees (we have 5)


At just the right time spring will come and we will have the pleasure of watching our garden being reborn. And…. 



4 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday

  1. Good morning , This has been the craziest winter. Temps in the 50’s earlier in the week & 12Deg. & high winds this morning in Central Md. Very little snow but 2 yrs. ago we had record snow fall in March. I don’t like it but my monayy’s on the groundhog this year. INo doubt the heater is working overtime in your shed. I am trying that winter milk jug seed starting method I saw on Gingham Gardens & will let you know how it works.
    Stay warm & good luck, Joe

    1. More snow headed our way. It was nice to look back at pictures from last spring and dream of what’s to come! Very interested in teh milk jug seed starting method. I am going to go check it out! Let me know how it goes for you.

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