If you are familiar with the movie A GOOD YEAR you might remember this quote… “all she needs is a fresh coat of paint and a good scrub.” This a family favorite movie so I have enjoyed that quote many, many times.

This summer marks 20 years that my dream of a potting shed/office became reality. Mr. G out of love for me and the secret desire to reclaim some of our home from all the garden stuff, built this tiny bit of heaven for me.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought of the movie quote while standing in my potting shed. Summers are a time of gathering things in the potting shed and little time to tidy things up. So, as I stood in the middle of all the stuff, I thought YIKES I think she “needs a fresh coat of paint and a good shrub.” So it began … moving stuff —lots and lots of stuff.

While moving things around I unearthed so many memories!

Catalogs from the 80s and 90s…

Then and now, I love pouring over catalogs!

Receipts from Jackson and Perkins test panel roses (Anyone remember those?) I had high hopes that one of my test panel roses would “take off” and I would be able to officially name one for my daughter.

Picture from the early 90s… (Sorry for the blurry picture of a picture.)

So many fragrant petals. In those days I dried roses, herbs and flowers to make wreaths and other garden crafts to sell at a local garden center. SO MUCH FUN.

And, while digging in the garden last week I also unearthed a plant tag from Jackson and Perkins, Medford Oregon…. Not sure of the date, but I haven’t grown roses in the place I found this tag since the late early 90s. Note the AARS trademark.

It was  a lot of fun to see old things again and walk down memory lane. Many of the roses in the pictures I no longer have.

Tastes change.

Garden conditions change.

Little trees grew.

Large trees were hit by lightening.

A few pests showed up.

Sustainable growing practices became more important.

Some things hold true. I was over the moon about roses and all their companions then and I continue to be today. The garden has always been a balm for my soul; the place where my creativity soars; a place where I have the closest connection to the Creator. 



Mother of Pearl and neighbors
Mother of Pearl bud


Yes, a fresh coat of paint and a good shrub was just what was needed….
… plus a new lamp, a super cute spool of jute (thanks Lacey) and a cute baby boy pic!
Zinnias out growing their space and bringing in the butterflies and hummingbirds.
Come on in and get a drink!
A very welcome visitor
Trek to the Herb Garden
Popcorn Drift …. verrrry pretty.
Mother of Pearl again … I can’t get enough.
Evening view from the potting shed porch.




  1. Love seeing posts of your garden. It’s been a tough garden season for us with te.hope we have a better fall. Hope to get one more cycle of blooms.thx againmps in the 90s and hugs and high humidity.

  2. Thanks again for sharing your garden dreams, your path and progress. The garden potting shed is a lovely place to keep it all together. Reflections of how it continues to evolve are the best.
    I share your love and passion for gardening. My shed has also evolved and so has my garden. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Teresa, I thinking hearing about and seeing photos of your garden, and glamorous potting shed-office, is a balm for all our souls, thank you!

  4. OH! CHRYSLER IMPERIAL! And it is from MEDFORD! When I was in high school, Medford seemed like a magical and mythical place where Jackson and Perkins roses grew. . . . and it really was! I do not know where roses come from now, but there will never compare to the bare root roses that came from Jackson and Perkins in Medford! You know, I got my first Chrysler Imperial just a few years ago. It was not one of my favorites back then, and still is not. I just got it because it is so traditional and has such an admirable name.

      1. Ha! How funny! Tourists used to come here to see the vast orchards of the Santa Clara Valley in bloom. I never gave that as much thought as roses in Medford.

  5. Oh such beautiful gardens my friend! The hummingbird is an added treasure!
    Love the old tags!

    I’m having lots of problems with bugs this year! Any thoughts of what to use on my roses?

    1. I don’t spray chemical insecticide – too broad and they kill the good and the bad. I will at times treat with insecticidal soap and drown JBeetles in soapy water. But unless we have a bad infestation, I let it go. I read pros and cons on the soaps but find the ones I buy work better than the ones I make. Best of luck.

  6. your garden is beautiful, love the shed, I hint to my hubby from time t time I would love one but not necessary tho, can you tell me what that tree is next to the porch In the last photo? wow, so many flowers, I don’t know if anyone told you but your pretty too. just so you know.

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