Bloom Thyme Friday: It’s Time!

Yes, it’s time…


My Forsythia is blooming letting us know that the ground temps are now around 50 degrees and it “should” be safe to start pruning the roses.

As I took a quick look over the garden this week, I saw some things that made me very happy and a couple things that are iffy.

The brightest spot was seeing Peggy Martin who you will remember died back to the ground last year (Read the story of Mother Nature’s curve balls here.) but, she has now made it up and over the arbor again and I see buds all the way. Praying we don’t get a late frost or freeze like we did last year.


Boxes have been arriving this week: 2 from David Austin and 1 from Palatine Roses. These bare roots look fabulous. Some are going in the ground and some are going in pots.

New Ones: Vanessa Bell, Dame Judi Dench, James L Austin, The Generous Gardener (I already have one and just love it!), Ghislane De Feligonde, Jasmine, and Papi Delbard. I simply cannot wait to see how these beauties grow and bloom! I’ll share!

They are all fabulous, but look at this dreamy Vanessa Bell!! Named for the artist, designer and founder member of the Bloomsbury Group – sister of the writer, Virginia Woolf. (DA)

NOTE: For more tips on spring rose care, read on here.


The Indianapolis Rose Society had their annual rose sale and the plants were fabulous. I bought 2 David Austins: Queen of Sweden and Wollerton Old Hall. If you are local come and join us, our 2019 Meetings and Events Schedule is posted here.

And, Wollerton Old Hall — Oh my!

Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire, located not far from the David Austin nursery, has one of the most beautiful private gardens in the country. The gardens are set around a 16th Century hall and feature roses in creative plant combinations, including many of our own English Roses. Wollerton Old Hall is open to the public on selected days throughout the summer. Read more here. )


Isn’t spring just the best… except for those friends are getting pelted with snow as I write. So sorry! Hoping this will be the last.


Today I worked a little too hard and a little too long— if you get my drift. 😉😉 Think I should take a cue from our Southern sister Scarlet who said, “tomorrow is another day!” However, I typically run my life in “no time like the present” mode. 😃

Have a wonderful week. I’m heading for a bit more Advil! My body might be tired/sore but my spirit is soaring!

10 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: It’s Time!

  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your enthusiasm! Today is our Wake up the Garden Day here in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. I’ll be sure to get the Advil out!

  2. Love to read your blog! I did the same thing yesterday and over worked in the garden and had to pop an Advil for the sore back!

  3. Another fine read Lady T. I will be doing my pruning on April 25th this year. We just got one of those Bomb Cyclone snow storms here with 12″ drifts of wet snow. No bloom smiles yet here but not far off now. Some of my roses are starting to leaf out already, so mother nature got them going a bit early. The cold nites will bite them but little I can do about that at this point. Looking forward to the pretty blooms of the roses and other plants and a time of year that makes ones soul sing!

  4. So exciting Teresa, what fun you are going to have with your new roses. I saw a lot of the Ghislaine de Feligonde when we were in Denmark and I am sure you are going to love it with the way the flowers change colour from orange to peach, pink and white!

  5. Very good to hear you’ve gort a delivery of David Austin’s Teresa, i hope they do very well for you. Vanessa Bell is a really wonderful variety
    i very much enjoyed reading your general advice on roses which i thought was excellent.

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