Bloom Thyme Friday: A View to a Miracle

As a gardener I am no stranger to miracles – I see them daily. But, there is one miracle that I look forward to in September. These guys…

For the past 5 years I have filled a container with herbs to put on Mr. G’s prep table by his grill. Each year the flat leaf parsley we have there becomes host to these little green creepy caterpillars that become the, oh so beautiful black swallowtails. Last year there were only 3 of them and I put two in a large jar so we could watch them. What a miracle this is. I shake my head over and over on the life cycle of a butterfly.

This year we have more than we have ever had before. So I am going to put some of them in a collapsible butterfly habitat so we can more enjoy the process and get the pleasure of releasing them.

One thing I know for sure. They love flat leaf parsley.


That one small leaf can become a gorgeous blooming plant.

In August 2017 H planted a single leaf and today it looks like this…

I love looking back at H planting that first leaf!

In September 2018 C planted his single leaf and while his African Violet is not blooming, it is growing strong.


Champagne Wishes
Music Box…
I think Sweet Drfit saved the best for last….
Enough to share with a friend…
Pink and purple… perfect combination I think.
The Faun is just showing off!
Lady of Shallot DA. The blooms are few this time of year, but no less beautiful and fragrant.
Darcey Bussell DA…
Yellow and purple are a great combination too. Rose: Popcorn Drift
Today’s view from the Potting Shed…

As you know, Fall is not my favorite but it is a time of many miracles … butterflies, changing leaves, and cooler temps to name a few. God’s artistry is on display in bold ways! I plan to enjoy every one!

Wishing you a week of miracles in the garden and out!

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday!

7 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: A View to a Miracle

  1. Fabulous post Teresa! So much magic in your garden and you of course are the fairy princess. Thank you for sharing your moments of beauty and wonder!

  2. Teresa, loved the whole post, especially the part about the African Violets. It brought back memories of my grandmother.

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. You photos are utterly beautiful! BTW, I read your column and saw your photos re: The Biltmore Trial Rose Gardens, and I have the Savannah Sunbelt Pink rose which I love. It has a powder fragrance. I love white roses and white flowers. I have the Constanze rose which is lush, exquisite, and, oh, so lovely. It was named after Mozart’s wife, and it is also known as First Crush. Do you have it ? I, too, always plant parsley for the caterpillars to eat, and just this week I counted over a dozen of them. They have eaten all of the leaves. The yellow swallowtail is Virginia’s State insect or butterfly. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort in putting together your blog. Someday I would like to have a rose named after me. Pink is my favorite color. (Sat., 09-21-2019)

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