Bloom Thyme Friday: Welcome to My Herb Garden

This week I had some extra time to just “be” in my herb garden. It is a very special place for me. The fence was the first structure that Mr. G built for me after we moved into our “new” home. That was over 30 years ago. Pardon me while I shed a few tears. Looking back, 30 years seems like a blink… have you noticed that — looking back is like a quick vapor and looking ahead seems like forever. Those 30 years are filled to the brim with memories. Mr. G building the fence with 2 littles in tow. My daughter and son planting seeds; picking herbs we would use in cooking; harvesting lavender and other flowers and herbs that we used in crafts — some we sold as the Ladybug Herb Garden.  (My daughter’s “baby” name was Ladybug.)

I wish I had a list of all the herbs, veggies, cutting flowers and roses (they’re herbs too) that have had a home in this happy, fragrant 16’ x 18’ space.

Let me show you around…

Basil that has gone to seed and making the pollinators happy growing in a tangle with chives and a very prominent black eyed susan that I didn’t plant. It is always a big surprise as to where the black eyed susans will show up each year!

Thyme that makes it’s way into egg salad, chicken salad and bean dishes. And is the perfect ground cover for herb gardens.

Zinnias and Cosmos (Mr. G’s Fav) running amuck in that beautiful way they do in the fall.

Nasturiums — because they are so dependably pretty and fun to add to salads.

Lambs Ears because of it’s color, texture and the fact that every child loves it. Behind the Lambs Ears is the lovely ‘Pretty Polly’ Almond scented geranium.

Okra … that should have been picked last week. Note: I don’t have a full on vegetable garden but add favorite veggies here and there around the garden, on the deck and on the driveway!

Banana peppers … that should have been picked last week. Zinnias were hiding them.
Chard … for smoothies and just for pretty.
Rosemary … because it’s beautiful, fragrant, delicious and has been used for years in a family favorite recipe – rosemary baked potatoes!

Plants that are here but have finished for the season…

Peonies, yarrow, sweet peas, sweet william and larkspur had their moment and have come and gone. The world they lived in was much more tame!   Look, no jungle in late May!

Herbs you don’t see in my “Herb” garden…

Mint… the last plant my mother bought for me was apple mint. That was more than 25 years ago. While I’ll never be without mint for the memory of her and for the fact I use it all the time, it is planted safely in a pot where it’s “roaming” tendencies are kept in check! 😳

Oregano… has been taken out to the veriest back of the property where it can run amuck. It’s yummy but it is like mint in that it desires world domination!

Sage… It is one of my two favorite herbs. I love it for so many reasons — I love the flavor and I love the holiday memories attached to that flavor and that smell and I love how it looks. You don’t see sage in the herb garden because it lives and thrives in another area of the garden where conditions are dryer. While it looks so good with the other herbs, it’s happier elsewhere.  And, it does very well beside it’s neighbor that doesn’t like the herb garden all that well either… Lavender – my other favorite. Who doesn’t love lavender!?! Is there a more relaxing fragrance in all the world? Not for me. I do plant both sage and lavender in the herb garden each year and while they mostly survive for a season, they don’t thrive. So, to have plenty, it is best to have “extras” where they are happier!

And, this brings us to Roses… they greet you as you enter. As it should be.

Thanks for stopping by for my herb garden tour. Now you know that my herb garden, like all the other “rooms” in my garden are a combination of plant types. Most of them tasty and many so aromatic — making it a destination I can get lost in!

Let’s all take a deep breath and inhale the earthy fragrance of herbs. I’m wondering what are your favorites? Is it sage or lavender or….

I bet there’s a story behind your favorite and I’d love to hear it! ❣️

17 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Welcome to My Herb Garden

    1. It has its moments. But, it sure need deadheading! And, right now I am in design mode and moving things around so there are plenty of “construction” areas! HA! I love spring so motivation is super easy. 85 degrees and too many plants that are finishing up instead of thriving zap my motivation. :O

  1. Beautiful garden…who doesn’t love Zinnias after all they are star annuals of summer garden…self grown veggies are always healthy and drool worthy..Happy Bloggers blooms day

  2. I love getting your blog. May I have permission to use the Cosmos pic and the one with the Swiss Chard/Rosemary? If I get up for a challenge, I might paint them. Oh, can I have your Rosemary Potatoes recipe?

    1. The rosemary potatoes are very easy… thinly slice potatoes (we love using small potatoes); toss in olive or corn oil put in zip lock bag sprinkle in the fresh or dried rosemary, salt, pepper, pinch of garlic powder – shake to coat. Place in single layer on baking sheet. Bake at 350 for about 30 – 45 minutes (depending on potato thickness and desired doneness). We like them more crispy. Turn over after half of the cooking time. Hope you enjoy them! Have been a fav since my kids were small.

  3. Basil. It is my favorite in the garden because I can smell it every time I brush past it. Maybe it is because it has flopped over into the aisle and there is no way to avoid it.
    Yes. I definitely vote basil as my favorite.

  4. That is nice that you can grow your vegetables mixed with the rest of the garden. When we were in school, we learned chard and parsley as ‘ornamentals’. When I was in town, and getting complaints from neighbors who could see from their upstairs windows that I was growing vegetables in the back yard, I put some corn in the front yard as ‘ornamental grass’. It did not go over well. (I later tried to explain to the offended neighbors that if they dislike what they see in my backyard, they should not look in my backyard. That did not go over well either.) I would still grow tomatoes and probably zucchini separately, just because they are not very pretty.

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