Bloom Thyme Friday: Love Hate Garden Relationships

This morning I got up extra early just to grab my coffee and a blanket and head to the sun porch to greet the morning. It was so wonderful.

Before we get started know this… regardless of the title of this post, I don’t “hate” much of anything. I just like some things”more.” Spring is an exception in the other direction. I am completely over the moon crazy about spring and all that it means and all that it brings.


How can anyone not like the cooler temps, vivid flower colors and God’s magic of the changing scenery. And, it’s hard to beat the cool mornings. I do love all those things… but I miss my outside time, flower picking, collecting fresh herbs for cooking, summer nights, hummingbirds and finches when they are so yellow.

Few things say ‘fall garden’ like cosmos and a blue sky. Cosmos: Purity. These Cosmos have now reached about 10′ and are simply amazing in the breeze!

Morning Glories.

Pretty blooms. Magical in the morning. So healthy. And, sometimes — SO INVASIVE! If you plant, be careful of variety! I didn’t plant any this year and they are everywhere. And, I forgive them.

I am very curious to know how “Grandpa Ott” made his way to the patch of sage. If I ever did plant “Grandpa Ott” … it was years and years and years ago. But isn’t this bloom amazing!!!

Yellow Trumpet Vine.

(Campsis radical f. flava) A beautiful native that the hummingbirds flock to.
That drapes beautifully over our pergola that holds our facing swings.

Garden devouring Yellow Trumpet vine… pretty and drapey. I love drapey.
Another shot of “drapiness” from last year.

I love the cozy feeling this vine gives our swing time. BUT, it has made us crazy. It is popping up everywhere and we may never get it under control. I still see it for sale but I wouldn’t recommend it in my area. Resist.


I am beginning to bring ‘inside plants’ that have been outside this summer and ‘outside plants’ that I want to overwinter in my Potting Shed/Garden Office. I am only half way through the process and there is little room left for working!

But, I love how it looks full. I will be crying out for help this winter as the darkness and dryness threaten to take them from me.

But for now they are lush and beautiful…

Love these two sitting side by side.
Yep. There is a lot more plants to bring in. Where will they go? There’s not much room left — even on the potting bench. Do you have any growing “room” to rent?



Fingers crossed that fall lasts a long, long, long time.🍂

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Love Hate Garden Relationships

  1. We have had some 90-degree weather here in VA this week, and we are in a drought. But today there was a northern wind with cool breezes. I have outdoor potted plants that will soon need to come indoors, too. I have the variegated spider plants and lots of amaryllis bulbs. They are dried out (the soil) and need to go into a dark area for awhile for the bulbs to rebloom after watering. I’m really enjoying my roses that are still blooming. They are beautiful! My Dick Clark rose is a bright cherry red, and The Fairy is so dainty and pretty now. One stem is a bouquet of dainty (teacup) pink roses. Spring is my favorite season. Thank you again for sharing your garden and plants. Happy Fall! (Friday Night, 10-04-2019)

  2. Teresa, thank you for your faithfulness to “The Fragrant Rose” for so long. I am so happy for you that you are now able to spend more good times with your beautiful grandchildren. I love your adoration of Spring. For me, it is Fall! There is only a touch of fall in the air here in Louisiana, but I am waiting – not so patiently. It promises to come soon- not a moment too soon after a brutal summer. All the best to you. I hope to see you soon and often. Love, Marilyn

  3. You are so right about the roses having vivid colors now. Their colors are so beautiful and bright. The drift roses are just beautiful now and have so many blooms. I am mesmerized by their colors. I know that my watering and pruning spent blooms (also rose hips) have really paid off during this past very hot, hot summer here in VA.

      1. I just love the tiny rosebuds on the drift roses, don’t you? Finally, my Hawaiian White Ginger is blooming. And I’m still picking cherry tomatoes and some okra. I made fried green tomatoes for dinner the other night, and they were delicious! That was another variety of tomatoes. Just baked some banana bread tonight and pumpkin bread over the weekend. We really enjoy our mornings and our coffee, too, and reading our newspaper. Got some spring bulbs planted. I’m trying Ranunculus bulbs as they remind me of roses.

  4. Fascinating Teresa to see your gardening process through the seasons and how the extremes in the seasons are mirrored in your emotions.

  5. Is Campsis radicans ‘Flava’ naturally occuring, or is it a garden variety? I saw Campsis radicans growing wild but dormant in winter in Oklahoma. I did not bother to consider that it bloomed any other color than reddish orange.

  6. I saw the most beautiful monarch butterfly on my orange marigolds today, Fri., 10-11-2019, around 1:00 PM. I usually do not ever see them in my yard. My parsley is growing back. The monarch just made my day. And the bumblebees are loving my garlic chives blooms.

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