Bloom Thyme Friday: Getting Ready

Today I spent some quality time in the garden getting the roses ready for winter and planting more daffodils. I also had time in the Potting Shed to get my amaryllis’ potted up and ready to make a big splash over the holidays.

Can you believe the size of these bulbs I found at Country Harmony Garden Center?

Picotee and Red Pearl Amaryllis
The process…

Picotee and Red Pearl are new this year and the others have been around awhile, but all are ready to show their stuff…  For more information on amaryllis, click here

Last year this bulb produced 8 blooms at one time … personal record!
Ready to grow!

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Getting Ready

  1. I am inspired. While I have given dozens of amaryllis as gifts, I’ve never grown one. I think it might just be time!

  2. Brava, Teresa! One of my favourite flowers! I’ll have a buy a couple bulbs and hope they bloom in time for Christmas. I was late in letting the stalks dry on my old Amaryllis bulbs and now I’ll have to keep them in the cellar for a full 3 months before taking them out to bloom again.

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