A Rose A Day: Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo Grandiflora was an impulse purchase for me. The blooms sent me into “rose fever” and I just couldn’t refuse. The tag said hardy to Zone 6 and I am in Zone 5b so during a hard winter, I most likely will lose her but for now she is fun to have.




IMG_2065 IMG_2069

The blooms are amazing … large with thick, fragrant petals — some are more pink and some are more peach. Exquisite form. A huge standout in the garden when she is blooming and that is saying a lot since she has some very beautiful neighbors like Julia Child and the Grande Dame!

5 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Pink Flamingo

  1. beautiful, I have to say local garden centers sure like to sell roses that dont go in your zone and they count on impulse buys as well, shamefull, lol, they count on them dying so you have to keep buying them every year. I ordered a topaz jewel rugosa will see how this goes.

  2. she is beautiful! i have a rose similar called Rio Samba. only this year she is attacked by a spider and i don’t know what to do

    plus for the first time ever my clematis are slowly dieing. brown spots first then the whole branch.. dead.

    this year has been challenging


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