A Rose A Day: Peggy Martin

Peggy Martin RoseThis year I planted the Peggy Martin rose after hearing the amazing story behind the rose. Many of the  historical roses I love are true survivors, but no rose has a more amazing story than the Peggy Martin Rose.

This rose was one of only two plants surviving 20 feet of salt water over the garden of Mrs. Peggy Martin, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in late August, 2005. Peggy lost her home, her parents, her rose garden of more than 450 antique roses she had collected for 30 years, as well as their commercial fishing boat to the storm!

Peggy Martin
Peggy Martin


Peggy Martin has a new rose garden of more 300 roses and has been a no-spray organic gardener for 40 years!

I will have the pleasure of chatting with Peggy Martin about her experiences on August 3 when she joins us for Rose Chat Radio. You can join us too — more information about that here.

Below is a Peggy Martin Rose that is growing in Peggy’s “new” garden…

This is a picture of the Peggy Martin Rose that now grows in Peggy Martin's new rose garden....
The Peggy Martin Rose that now grows in Peggy Martin’s new rose garden….

Chamblee’s Rose Nursery acquired cuttings from the original rose in New Orleans in January, 2007.  I bought mine from them this spring. They sent a very healthy little plant that has grown to be about 2.5′ high. For info on ordering this rose, read on.

This rose is obviously extremely hardy as well as a vigorous climber. The fact that it is virtually thornless makes it even more desirable for walkways or around children’s play areas! As far as blooms are concerned, the pictures tell the story of what this rose does in early summer! And I’m told this rose often comes back with another bloom cycle in late summer/early fall.

My Peggy Martin rose will be roommates with Francis E Lester on the wonderful new rose arbor Mr G built. (Read more about that here.) I think they will be very happy together! But, just may compete for space! 🙂

Neighbors…. on their way to great things!
What a beautiful place to “grow up”! Thanks Mr G!
You’ll see a BIG difference in me next year!

Hard to believe that June is coming to a close. I have enjoyed spending National Rose Month with you and sharing some of my favorite roses. Thank you for going on this journey with me.

What’s Next?

So far I have not seen my first Japanese Beetle but I know they are on their way, so I will be out there protecting my roses! There may not be many rose blooms to see for the next few weeks, BUT that just gives my perennials an opportunity to take center stage–stay tuned–I love to share about them too!

Here’s one of the perennials making a great show right now as a companion to my Poseidon RosesYarrow!

Poseidon and her companion -- Yarrow...
Poseidon and her companion — Yarrow…

18 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Peggy Martin

  1. T–love this story. Peggy Martin, what a jewel! I loved your posts this month, learning so much about the roses of your world. Jap Beetles here in few numbers, so hand squishing is all I do to end their lives. Wish I could say the same about the bag worms on all my Cypress trees! Little nuisances! Have a safe Sunday.

  2. Teresa, what a wonderful story you have to tell and share. ,my daughter sent me a link with your Peggy Martin rose on it and I’am in love! lol.seriously would love to own her as well.where is she available ,and the cost?? Thank you so much for sharing and caring. Darlene. ps I live in Michigan.

  3. wow what a story, love it, not the losing her home in katrina part,but such a hardy rose, has to be for all that rose went through and how hot it gets down there too, whew! I feel the sweat coming down my face already just thinking about how hot it is there in lousianana. I can only imainge the heart break of losing over 400 roses due to katrina having spent so long in collecting them glad she was able to do it again before she got to old to enjoy them.

  4. Hi. Ive had a peggy martin for about 5 years. Last yr it didnt bloom. I asked people that know roses and no one knows why. Thot maybe cause I didnt prune it. But just now I saw one wensite said dont prune. I just dont know, do u have any idea?
    Thanks very much dorothy

    O I am 9 miles s of ft worth tx

    1. While I am not an expert on Peggy Martin Rose (mine is only 3 years old this spring), I don’t think much pruning is needed as the ones I see in pictures are huge. I will contact Peggy herself and find out some details on this for you!.

      1. I checked with Peggy Martin herself and she is baffled too. She does not prune hers at all. She is wondering if it could have been damaged during some cold weather. If you ever prune DON’T prune in the spring! The only thing Peggy ever does is to cut the dried dead branches underneath that don’t effect the long bloom canes. Dorothy, I hope this helps. Let me know how it does this year. 🙂

  5. Hi Teresa ,can we get some picture on how your Peggy Martin is doing today? I just got a small cutting from a friend and can’t wait to have her grow up the front of my house.

  6. I planted 2 Peggy Martin rose bushes this spring not getting any blues. Any suggestions ?

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