Bloom Thyme Friday: This week in the garden…

Here in my world the temps are lower than normal and that makes for some wonderful garden thyme! The garden is looking more like spring than fall this week as the roses are coming back to bloom! Know that I am totally in denial about the leaves on the trees that are beginning to change color and the cicadas that are singing!

Here are some of my pretties…

Julia Child
Julia Child
Peach Drift
Peach Drift
Francis Meilland
Francis Meilland
Beverly in bud...
Beverly in bud…
Beverly in bloom...
Beverly in bloom…

Here are some of the other blooms I’m getting to enjoy…


And we have butterflies everywhere!


Thanks for stopping by! I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with what you love best!

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: This week in the garden…

  1. beautiful flowers, my new dawn is blooming alot again, and my new rose has a yellow bloom, (golden gates) so I know they sent me the right rose this time, my red morning glories are blooming but my others are still growing alot but no buds, not sure if i will get empty plants again this year. good you are enjoying your garden, I never get tired of looking at my plants either, my red crape myrtle is blooming and when I get a good picture of it I will post it.

  2. My butterfly bushes thrive and I now have butterfly’s that spend long periods in the garden…roses have been a struggle. I love their visual appeal and the scent is wonderful, they are a really worthwhile struggle for me. Your photos are such an inspiration.

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