Bloom Thyme Friday: Growing Amaryllis

The Garden Diary

I love Amaryllis and love to give Amaryllis bulbs as gifts. Last year Mr. G and I gave away 30 or so. Many of the recipients had never grown an Amaryllis or even knew what one was! It was a lot of fun hearing their stories. Even those with brown thumbs had success! If you’ve never grown an Amaryllis, it really is very easy and very rewarding! I had one Smith & Hawkins bulb that produced 8 big, beautiful blooms AT ONE TIME. (See picture below.)

You will need: Healthy Bulb (It has been my experience that bigger is better.), Light Potting Soil, Pot 2 – 4″ inches wider than bulb. Or, buy a “kit” that comes with everything you need, making it super easy to get started! For an excellent “how to” video from … click here.


  • The top of the bulb should show (about…

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