2014 Rose Introductions: Weeks Roses

This week on the Rose Chat Radio podcast, the delightful Karen Kemp-Docksteader, sales and marketing manager for Weeks Roses, joined us to chat about some wonderful new rose introductions for 2014! Podcast link.

Coretta Scott King
Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King Grandiflora Rose
Named for the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, this rose is not only lovely but very disease resistant. Chris, (The Redneck Rosarian) had an early release of this rose and it has performed beautifully for him this entire summer!

Good as Gold
Good as Gold

Good as Gold Hybrid Tea
A very unusual gold color! Karen said it is stunning in the field and she can hardly pass by it without stopping. This rose is known as a blooming machine!

You’re The One

You’re the One Miniature Rose
Karen pointed out to us that “miniature” does not refer to the growth habit of this rose but rather the blooms are miniature. Isn’t it just so cute! Perfect rose show form!

Jump for Joy
Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy Floribunda
Like its parent, Julia Child, this rose is known for disease resistance and beautiful foliage. This is another blooming machine that will fit well into any landscape.

Happy Go Lucky
Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky Grandiflora
This beauty has the multi-petaled old rose form with a lovely tea fragrance. I find yellow roses hard to resist so this may quickly go on my wish list!


Karen shared with us that it is confirmed there is to be a new line of Downton Abbey Roses. Starting with the first in the series, Anna’s Promise.

Look at this beauty…

Anna's Promise
Anna’s Promise
Anna of Downton Abbey
The beautiful Anna of Downton Abbey

We look forward to having Karen back to talk more about this new line of roses! 🙂


Harvest at Weeks Roses begins next week, so follow along with the progress of their work in the fields of roses on their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/WeeksRosesCA

Now back to working on my wish list for 2014. How about you, what’s on your garden wish list?

10 thoughts on “2014 Rose Introductions: Weeks Roses

  1. nice roses, unfortunatly as much as I love roses I decided to not get any more and concentrate on other plants, my success with most of my roses not so great, the black spot is ruining them and unless I use something strong they will continue to suffer, ohio is just not a good place for most roses apparently (except my semi wild and rugosa roses which do not get black spot so far) I have a few minis that seem to be doing alright minimal black spot, and I see alot of people getting those explorer roses that are doing well but it seems it is the reds that do well and red everywhere is overwhelming. hopfully I can find alot of other plants to compliment the ones I have, the more I try to devise landscaping ideas the more dissatisfied I am. I cant seem to get a gentle layered pattern where all the plants can be seen from the front. will keep trying however. I just did my fall clean up by removing old browned plants and pulled some bulbs and chopped down some of the grasses that were turning brown not very attractive, it looks better more neat and clean. next year is another year to try some other ideas. i stillenjoy reading about other peoples gardens and roses however.

    1. A lot of my neighbors have problems with black spot but I never have. I was told under planting with Chives would keep it away. I did that and so far haven’t had any problems with black spot. I do get rust on my roses, but I spray with Serenade (OMRI listed) twice a season and that takes care of it right away.

      1. When will we know the expected hardiness of a rose like Anna’s Promise ? I live in zone 5b. I plan to go from zero roses to 16 when I completely redo a landscaped mound. Anna’s Promise is one I had picked out.

          1. I am a total novice with roses, so other than “inheriting” a row of shrub roses (I’m guessing Hansa), I have never planted a rose. I’ve picked out 8 shortish and 8 tallish roses, almost all grandifloras.

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