Blurring the Lines

At our house we like to blur the lines between inside and outside as much as possible. No we don’t have terra ferma for floors … yet. Did I just say that. Let’s just keep that between us. Mr. G need not know.

Today is one of those rare days in Indiana where it is sunny and even though it is 34 degrees, to me it feels like 70 and I just have to be outside! So, I spent the day “decorating” outside. Through the long winter months I love to look outside my window and see pretty things!

I’ve been on a scavenger hunt today to find things in the garden to add to the vignettes we will enjoy out our windows through the long Indiana winter…



Treat for the hard-working gardener. ; )
Treat for the hard-working gardener. ; )

10 thoughts on “Blurring the Lines

  1. I LOVE THIS POST! Magical and fun! I too was inspired to style Allen’s wreath for the competition and will post soon. In the meantime I want to come hunker down with you in January, drink hot tea by the fire, and gaze out into your fabulous landscape. xo

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