Bloom Thyme Friday: The Itsy Bitsy Spider


Can we just talk about spiders for a minute. This has been a year of amazing spiders and spider webs. My goodness, I was in the garden this morning and there were webs everywhere. Mr. G even had to remove a spider from the back of my shirt this morning! Too close for comfort!

Even though you could say I have a “healthy respect” for spiders and give them a “wide berth,” I DO appreciate their amazing artistry in web spinning! And, I might add that if you too have a “healthy respect” for spiders … DO NOT google them. In my opinion, the closer you get to the spider and especially if  you google spider bites, the “healthier” the respect is going to be …  can you say Arachnophobia??? I can definitely appreciate them more from afar!

Another reason spiders are on my mind lately is that my little Mr. H loves to hear his momma sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider! He just gets the brightest smile.

And, that smile, well it just does something to me…

That smile! 🙂



Mr. G’s favorite book as a child was Charlotte’s Web and, don’t tell, but Mr. H just might be getting that book for his birthday! 🙂


The spiders aren’t the only thing thriving in the garden this week. Many of the roses are responding to the wonderful weather–cool and sunny with just enough rain! PERFECT!! Here are some of  big bloomers this week… (Click on any of the circles below to start the gallery feature.)

What’s blooming in your garden this week?

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday_Yellow

14 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

  1. Adorable share … you are one lucky lady to be able to snuggle that little cutie pie! Soon you will have to be sharing with him how to look for bees before smelling the roses like me and #littlehelper do!

    Happy Gardening dear Teresa – your garden shares make me smile!

  2. Love H’s gingham shirt…SO Allen! Lacey will get a laugh out of that one!
    Spiders are so important in our gardens and most are quite beautiful as they go about their life cycles…except for the occasionally black widow, I leave them be.
    Roses exceptional!

  3. Glad you are getting to enjoy your handsome granbaby. Soon you will be teaching him about roses. My triplets are learning. I first put a rose in a small sealed container for them to toss around and not eat. Then we taught them to say prickles and it came out perkles.

  4. what a cute baby and your flowers are beautiful too. my plants are thriving too, lots of rain and plenty of sunshine (finally getting more than a day or two break between rains now) do you know if garden gate roses are normally just grafted or not? I might have lost the graft I am getting a lot of top growth but no flowers, (unless it wasn’t a golden gate but another kind of yellow climber) our passionflower is growing like crazy I thought for sure it was gone. I have so many of them popping up everywhere I wonder if it is okay to dig some of them up and replant them somewhere without killing it. my crapes made a surprising comeback and now they are blooming, I was surprised that the red one grew so big, it usually stays small. I planted some scarlet bean runners and they are like crazy tall, and lots of pods, plant on eating the beans and saving a few for next year. so while your in the garden watch out for the spiders you might just get into a web of a human eating dinospidy

    1. Do you see a bud union low on the shank of the rose. (the knobby part above the root section. If so, it is grafted. If it is grafted and growth is coming from below the bud union you are just getting root stock. I love scarlet runner beans. Enjoy. And, I am so glad you are having good luck with your crapes. They are the hallmark of summer in the warmer areas! Have a good week!

      1. I don’t think it had a graft, there was a woody part just about ground level, the growth is above that, only on cane is coming from below that, and it is identical to the others, maybe next year I will know for sure if it is on of those who bloom on old wood. I plan on protecting the cane this winter.

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