These guys know how to say “welcome home”!

Last week when I left home for the Biltmore, there was not very much going on in the garden. (A post about the incredible Biltmore Rose Trials is coming very soon!)

Back to the garden… Something changed while I was gone. Rain. Lots of rain. The rain came and things started blooming! You can water and water and water but nothing is like a good soaking rain.

Caution... excessive garden pictures to follow...


Lady Ashe


Sunshine Daydream


Belinda’s Dream


Belinda’s Dream


Petit Pink




More Quietness


Moje Hammarberg Rugosa


Dick Clark




Flamenco Rosita


Flamenco Rosita 2


View from the Potting Shed porch.


Some of them were ready to come inside! 🙂

I am enjoying every single one of them! It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye for the winter. You are going to have to help me through it!

Wishing you a wonderful day and a warm welcome wherever you go!

10 thoughts on “These guys know how to say “welcome home”!

  1. Hello!

    I am fairly new to rose gardening other than Knockout roses, and to your blog. I am enjoying it so much!

    I was especially excited to see Sunshine Daydream among the photos in your current blog because I just bought this cultivar and planted it yesterday! I have been searching for a disease-resistant fragrant yellow rose that doesn’t smell like licorice. (E.g., not Julia Child or Sunsprite!) I particularly wanted one with a lemon fragrance. Last week I went to Ken’s Gardens, a Lancaster, PA garden center to smell their roses. Sunshine Daydream smelled just like lemons to me, in spite of its label, which indicated that it has no fragrance!

    I have discovered, to my surprise, that the perception of fragrance seems to be highly variable from one person to another, so I am wondering whether your Sunshine Daydream seems to you to have a lemon scent.

    I have also learned that rose fragrance varies in its intensity seasonally, and that it is at a maximum right now (late September) in Pennsylvania. Have you found this to be true where you live?

    Thank you for your excellent posts and for considering my questions!

    Carol Sandt

    1. Hello Carol, Great to meet you. I love Sunshine Daydream and hope to add a couple more next year. The one I have now is in too much shade but it is still lovely just not as floriferous. It does have a lemony fragrance and one of the things I like best about it is that it hold up very well in a vase! Many things factor into fragrance. Time of day, heat index and time of season. Hope you enjoy!!! Nice to hear from you! Keep in touch.

  2. Teresa, we’ll all have to help each other! I’m feeling the urgency to get fresh compost and mulch in the beds. With a break in the scorching heat we had all summer, my roses are looking pretty good, too, but that early freeze when everything comes to a screeching halt is always in the back of my mind. What new varieties are you looking at for next year? My newest ones that have proven to be good choices are Honeymoon (Vanilla at the Biltmore), and the one that just floors me every time I look at it, Earth Angel. It makes up for it’s mild fragrance with blooms so exquisite, I have to keep looking to see if they’re real.

    1. I’m with you, I loved the white ones at the Biltmore. I am also very interested in Mother of Pearl. I am hearing great things about it form all over the country… not just one area. I am a sucker for most of the Kordes but I am not sure how Earth Angel will hold up in our torrential rains. This year we have had long long periods of drought and then torrential rains! Next year could be completely different! Fun to start planning AND plotting. Nice to hear from you.

  3. What a fanfare, your roses certainly were happy to see you back home! Lady Ashe looks particularly glorious and Belinda’s Dream sure has beautiful form. Our rose seasons overlap so neither of us will ever be without blooms, I’ll be seeking them out and sending them your way!

  4. beautiful blooms! mine are in the last stages of the final blooms, I will miss all of them, I have 65 bushes now, and live in Nova Scotia Canada (your zone 4b)

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