Rose Buzz: Bathsheba

One rose that is creating a ROSE BUZZ in my garden this year is a new introduction from David Austin Roses … BATHSHEBA.

Bathsheba is said to be a well-behaved climber (to 9′ or so) with beauty, fragrance and disease resistance. All the things I want to hear.

Right from the start my new small plant began to take off and start growing strong — even  though I didn’t plant it in the most perfect of locations. (I feared it would not get enough sun.) I have been rewarded with adorable buds and breathtaking blooms. Only 4-5 blooms so far but enough to know that this one captures my attention and heart.


To hear the charming Michael Marriott with the lovely voice and incredible rose knowledge talk about this rose and the other new introductions, listen to the Rose Chat Podcast here…

If you are growing this rose, let me know what you think and if you have questions, I’m happy to help! Leave me a note in the comment section below.


Did you see the acrobatic bee in my herb garden that I posted on Instagram? He’s my inspiration. I want to have as much fun as he is having as I work in the garden. And I DO have some work to do–all the roses need dead heading! LOL

As I write this morning, my view from my potting shed is one that makes me happy all the time but especially today as we are getting a MOST and I mean MOST needed rain. No one fulfills the needs of the garden OR the gardener like the Creator…



There’s been a lot going on in the garden the past two weeks–some good and some bad. 😳 I’ll have a report on Bloom Thyme Friday!

 Keep creating a buzz in the garden! 🐝


10 thoughts on “Rose Buzz: Bathsheba

  1. Good afternoon, I like this rose & was wondering where you bought it & if it’s disease resistant. I have 2 David Austen Molineaux & they are the easiest care roses I have. Also I bought an At Last end of last year & it has languished (8 ” tall ) thru this very wet spring. Do you think it might do better in a large container ? I’d appreciate any advice you have to give. Thank you & good luck, Joe P.S. At Last is in a full sun raised bed at this time

  2. Hello! I recently bought this rose about a month ago. I have other Austin’s that do quite well but this one has not bloomed yet. Any tips? Or should I just be patient? My Generous Gardener isn’t blooming but I moved it early spring and stressed it a little so it doesn’t surprise me. Maybe soil needs something.

  3. I have Bathsheba on a trellis. it grow very strong and bushy but out of hundreds of buds seen since last autumn (incl the whole of this year) only perhaps half a dozen have turned into good blooms. The smallest spot of rain results in balling and rotting. At the moment I cannot decide whether to give it another chance of have it out and plant something a lirttle more wewather resistant.

  4. Hello I have a friend who was given couple Bathsheba roses. They have grown lots of stems with 7 leaves which I thought were suckered. I helped her set about cutting these off which left them looking very sorry!! They are regrowing, but with 7 leaves again. Is this right? I know ramblers can have 7 leaves but as this is a climbing rose I’m bit unsure. Any advice would be appreciated….

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