Bloom Thyme Friday: It’s Painfully True

Yes, it is painfully true that I have an over the top case of the garden gimmies – I want way too many plants for spring. Mamma Berenstain Bear would be taking me to task about it too. And, I would plead my case while I submit these pictures for review….

Are you with me? All of these catalogs are just yummy but the David Austin catalog this year is a work of art! It just came yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to go page by page, but I will. #gimmies Wish me luck. Or not. 😍


Roses on Order…


I ordered two more to add to the two I have in the garden now. Remember those from last summer…

Easy Care.
Light Fragrance.


I hear from Paul Zimmerman (Paul Zimmerman Roses) who grows a number of the Delbard roses that they, “some of the finest roses you will ever grow.” They are easy care, fragrant and show-stopping beautiful. They are not as easy to find in this country yet, so if you are looking for Delbards, try Palatine (while they last) and Roses Unlimited (864-682-7673) (while they last). All of the roses I have received from these companies have been high quality!


I happen to know that Palatine is now sold out of this rose but they have so many other beauties!!




Because I can’t get enough of roses that ramble! This rose is shade tolerant — a very good thing in my garden as I watch my tree get bigger and bigger each year. Roses, in general, need 6 – 8 hours of sun. And all do better if they get that much sun I believe. So I will try to put her in as much sun as possible. She is also fragrant and a repeat bloomer. I CAN’T WAIT!! And look at those colors. Yum!


This climber is from the Kordes collection known for hardiness, beauty and fragrance. I plan to station Laguna at one of the entrances to our garden! Bill Kozemchek tempted me with the rose from his garden last summer….

If you want another great suggestion for a climber, try Jasmina. I have 2 baby ones and they have done very well. Another Kordes that is beautiful, easy to care for and fragrant.

Bill’s Jasmina is not so small anymore. Look at this gorgeous one. Hopefully, mine will grow leaps and bounds the year!

To see more of Bill’s garden you can follow him on Facebook HERE.


Another source of outstanding roses from old garden roses to modern! I bought 2 Veilchenblau from them last summer — when it was so hot and they arrived in wonderful shape and did extemely well when added to the garden!

I have another Harison Yellow and a Madam Plantier coming from High Country.

And then there are SEEDS!

There are several seeds on my list too. So far I have only purchased Zinnias when I found what I believe will be the perfect color. Last year we had some Zinnia “color issues”. My California Giant mix was very prolific and beautiful but many of them were orange tones … not the best look with all the pinkness going on in my garden. I hope these pretty Enchantress Zinnias will be enchanting and fit right in.

Gimmies??? Yes, because I want most of the roses I see, and plants and seeds, but I’m working on it and Mr. G is helping with his “looks.” Not quite Momma Berenstain bear looks, but effective. 😉 I have more than one gift certificate and they make all the difference. My family and friends know what to “buy” me!


Last weekend, I was scheduled to go to St Louis to speak to a rose society, but instead, I was home with Mr. G watching the snow fall. The postponed invitation was extended again for today… We are home again waiting for even more snow.

If you are in the Crown Point, IN area on Feb 8, I will be speaking to the Lake County Master Gardeners about NEW ROSES FOR TODAY’S GARDENS. Come join us!


While we wait for spring, God shows us that “to everything, there is a season.” — A BEAUTIFUL SEASON! And, we are grateful.

17 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: It’s Painfully True

  1. Yes, I have a bad bad case of the gimmies and ordered too many roses and dahlias!
    I am forcing myself to stop and remember all the beauties I do have that need attention. And also to not spend any more money and think of those who may need help instead….but it’s sooo tempting!

  2. Beautiful post !! I have a similar case for the gimmes .. wish there was a cure 💸💸. My Papi Delbard was new last year and the blooms it gave were so beautiful. Looking forward to next springs show!

  3. Teresa, we rely on you to grow lots of new roses for those of us with small gardens overflowing at the edges. You will get no disapproving looks from me!

      1. Hybrid Tea roses seem to be so passe. No one writes about them anymore. I prefer them to the current fads. I was never keen on fads anyway. By the time I got to know hybrid tea roses, they were no longer a fad.

      1. Actually, the few hybrid tea roses that we have were planted when there was more sunlight where they are. I can not prune the trees enough to get more sunlight. I do not want to relocate the roses either. I suppose that I will eventually need to relocate them.

  4. A couple of years ago I came down with rose fever…..I am still sick with it! And I do not want to be cured. Lol
    Thank you for all of the information and beautiful pictures.
    I have not heard of Delbard roses until now. Excited for them to hopefully be more available.

  5. You will love Ghislaine de Feligonde – delightful!
    Do you grow any Tantau roses? We placed several last year – can’t wait to see them again!
    Luckily, I receive the David Austin rose catalog several months in advance of the US – We place our order with them every Autumn and take delivery the following April.
    Large and established roses such as you have & your friend Bill are still a few years away for us, since we’ve only just started our rose gardens.
    Thanks for sharing your garden photos!

    1. So wonderful to hear from you. Tantau roses are not readily available to us. Although I did grow Tropicana a few years ago. Hope your garden is so beautiful this year. After winter, spring and summer blooms are such a welcome sight! 🌹🌹🌹

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